Sat, Aug 14 - Sun, Aug 15, 2021

Korbel Hillclimb

Maple Creek Road

About this event

 The Korbel Hillclimb will be based out of the parking lot just west of the Korbel Post Office, which is at 1190 Maple Creek Rd, Korbel, CA 95550. 

The nearest hotel is the Blue Lake Casino and Hotel, less than ten minutes away.  They also have a restaurant and parking lot for RVs. It is $11 for an RV pass, and there are NO hookups. 

There is no camping available, and RV/trailer parking on site is limited. There are multiple restaurants and bars in Blue Lake, all within 10 minutes of the hill. 

The hill itself is great pavement, roughly 1.25 miles.  We will be shooting for higher run count to go with the shorter climb.

Event requirements

Your first hillclimb can be a bit intimidating if you don't know what to expect. Most people use SCCA Solo (autocross) classing for these events, but we also offer SCCA GCR (road race) classes, SOVREN (vintage) classes, and a handful of NHA-only classes. Feel free to contact the registrar for help with classing, but more information can be found in the rules at 

The other rules to note are safety related. Fire extinguisher mounted within reach of the driver, a HANS device for anyone in a class that allows DOT/Non-DOT slicks (even if they aren't used on the car), or a neck donut for anyone in a street tire class. Open top cars require a cage. Basic stuff you'll find partway down the rules on the NHA page. 

Run numbers depends on incidents. When someone goes off it can take a bit to recover them and that can cut out a run (read: "don't go off please.")

- Check-in will be Friday from 3:30pm-7:30pm, have your vehicle off the trailer and ready for tech inspection after checking in at registration.
- Novice instruction will be from 5pm-7pm Friday.
- Saturday morning late registration and tech inspection at 7-7:30am at the hill.
- Last minute Novice instruction around 7:30am (required for new drivers Friday or Saturday)
- Mandatory driver's meeting is at 8:00am

***Upcoming rule revision - This year, 2021, we will be strongly recommending the use of a roll bar and harness with a HANS device. Starting in 2022, we will require the use of a harness and rollbar meeting SCCA Solo Appendix C guidelines (unless class specifically calls for more) when using HANS device. A HANS device specifically keeps you upright in case of an incident, and if your roof collapses due to no rollbar/cage, then you are unable to move out of the way - therefore, the safest way to use a HANS requires having these extra precautions in place.

***2019 Revised Ruling on Neck Restraints***

Effective 2019 all drivers in classes allowing R Compound Tires, defined as BOTH DOT AND NON-DOT compliant racing tires (including, but not limited to, Hoosier A7, R7, Avon, Toyo R888R, etc), will be required to wear SFI certified Head and Neck Restraint (HANS) devices REGARDLESS OF WHAT TIRES ARE MOUNTED. All other drivers will be required to wear SFI 3.3 minimum rated foam neck supports/donuts.

RULES AND REGULATIONS YOU NEED TO KNOW This event is sanctioned by the Northwest Hillclimb Association (NHA). Please read their most up-to-date rules at A copy of these rules will be available at the tech location. You are expected to know the rules applicable to your vehicle. 

NOTE: Please bring oil/fluid absorbent and sealed containers to remove any fuel or oil spills. All refueling MUST be done on the pavement. Take precautions and REMOVE ALL SPILLS from the site.

REGISTRATION: You must be a current member of NHA to register for an NHA sanctioned event. Please renew/purchase your membership at before attempting to enter our event. NHA membership is $10 annually, or a Lifetime membership can be purchased for $100. 

Entries (26)

Allen Richards
Brandon High
Andrew Rossiter
William Cosby
Clark Fenton
Ed Hunter
Robert Rousseau
Sam Robinson

Maple Creek Road

Blue Lake , CA


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Redwood Sports Car Club

Korbel Hillclimb

Sat, Aug 14 - Sun, Aug 15, 2021