Sat, May 1, 2021

King Track Days May event

Canaan Motor Club

About this event

Test & Tune Day May 1 Saturday 2021

Gate opens at 7 am and will close at 6 pm.

Also you will be driving on 2 different tracks and you have to plan on doing over 100 miles while driving on the track 

It is also what you bring in has to be brought out .

There will be no run groups as of right now. It will be a POINT BY ON THE STRAIGHTS. You need to be able to pass a 96db and there will be no exceptions.

It is open to any car and driver with the exception being NO Novices so if you are in the advance intermediate 1 or 2 please come out and enjoy yourself with us it is limited to 40 cars.

Make sure you bring lots of gas brake pad and tires. Also if you have to run race gas bring lots because there is none close by. There is a few gas stations close by.

 Lunch will be  about 12:30pm to 1pm

Event requirements

It also will be rain or shine....... I will be hoping for more shine

Also bring some warm cloths for you so if you are not on track you can stay warm.

Yes there are ride - along so make sure if you are going to do a ride - along too bring your helmet  

Also it is carry in and carry out so please keep the pits clean and picked up even if its not yours

we will be doing the mask and social distancing as for right now and it may change by the but right now its all the Covid-19 stuff


Entries (16)

Carmen del Genio
Jamie Melhuish
Geoffrey Branch
Alex Bellone
Hugh Wallace
Jason Yung
Steven Libby
Scott Paul

Canaan Motor Club

Canaan, NH
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