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Thu, Sep 6, 2018

Introductory FV DriverzCup (open) Test Day

Roebling Road Raceway

About this event

Currently, the DZC event will consist of 5 (15 minute) sessions (time permitting) & a DZC Feature Race.  Winner of the DZC Feature will be the 2018 CHAMPION.  Additional classes/groups will be all "Formula Vee" - including DZC, Vintage Vee, regular FV, Challenge Cup, FST and FSV. Production cars are also  welcome to participate in this test day with Slingshot, Big Bore and Small Bore sessions (see proposed schedule next page).  If you are "FV" and  would like to TEST the DZC tires, please contact and make a request. We will do our best to find a set that you can test in at least one session .. maybe more. FST & FSV cars obviously would not be able to take advantage of this offer due to the different wheel lug pattern. 

This is planned to be a 'no frills' event dedicated to " SINGLE CLASS"  FV RACING - something that has pretty much disappeared from SCCA in recent years.  At this time, we have no plans for prize money or contingencies - just an event to race against just your own class. We encourage everyone to plan for a cookout of some sort where we all bring whatever we have as our 'social'. Additional details will be posted on as the event approaches and we get a better idea of how many entries we have.

This event is presented by Driverz Cup, LLCFV related (FV, VFV, FST, DZC, FSV) participants in this test day are REQUIRED to also register for the VDCA 55th FV Anniversary event.

We are not accepting credit cards here on MSR for this event - You must make arrangements to deliver checks, money orders, or cash to Greg Bruns.  All entry fees will need to be processed (turned into REAL MONEY) before the event in order to pay for the track, so keep that in mind and set aside your money early :-). Greg is now also set up to receive funds via PayPal. For a small conveniance fee of 3%, you may pay your fee by going to , enter the amount ($185 = $190.55 and $250 = $257.50) and you will be taken to PayPal where you can log in and complete the transaction. The track will have an ambulance and crew as well as at least one wrecker .. hopefully, we won't need either.

The entry fees are (15 minute sessions)
DZC = $250 => 6 sessions including the 2018 Championship event as the last session of the day.
"Other FV" = $185 => 5 sessions  (Vintage, FST, Challenge Cup, FSV) to run concurrent with all DZC sessions except the Championship session. 
Slingshots = $185 => 5 sessions
Small Bore 'Fenders' = $185 => 5 sessions
Big Bore 'Fenders' = $185 => 5 sessions

These prices beat normal event test day costs by measurable amounts.

Please register early so we can make the best plans for this event.

For the latest information, please go to

Event requirements

This is the FIRST event from DriverzCup, so MSR might ask for some "member" information before you get to the actual registration page.  Please just enter your SCCA (or other reciprocal organization) information .. or leave it blank (I THINK that will be allowed - also think we can fix it if need be).

This event is being promoted by Driverz Cup, LLC. For more information, please see

All payments must be by check, money order (or cash if you are close enough to Greenville, SC) or Paypal (for an extra 3% charge).  If you need to cancel please contact the Registrar by email (Steve at WedgeRacing dot com) and let me know that you have to cancel and we can discuss refunds based on the 'closeness' of the event time.  Beyond that, we will endeavor to work with you if you have unforeseen issues that preclude your attendance at the last minute - it will depend on the remaining car count.

DriverzCup is prepared to accept any race licensing from any sanctioning body - as long as you have a race car that is safe and has a current annual tech in its logbook. If you have any reservations about the 'safeness' of your car, or are NOT current on your tech, please get with one of the sanctioning bodies to find a technical scrutineer that can help you out.  If you don't have any contacts, feel free to contact me and I will do what I can for you.  If you are just 'slightly' behind on your annual tech, we can PROBABLY arrange to get you current if you arrive on Wednesday evening before the test day. Please contact '' to put in your request.

The proposed Schedule of events follows...
All sessions are FIFTEEN (15) Minutes.  PLEASE watch the sessions on track and listen to the PA system for modifications as required.

Wednesday Load in starts at 3PM.

Thursday, Sept 6.

Driverz Meeting at Tech Shed 8:00 AM
DZC 8:30 AM
Slingshots 8:50 AM
SB 9:10 AM
BB 9:30 AM
DZC 9:50 AM
Slingshots 10:10 AM
SB 10:30 AM
BB 10:50 AM
DZC 11:10 AM
Slingshots 11:30 AM
Lunch 12:00 PM
SB 1:05 PM
BB 1:25 PM
DZC 1:45 PM
Slingshots 2:05 PM
SB 2:25 PM
BB 2:45 PM
DZC 3:05 PM
Slingshots 3:25 PM
SB 3:45 PM
BB 4:05 PM
DZC - Feature 4:25 PM

Entries (27)

Scott Barksdale
Tripp Isley
Barry Shelton
Paul Tatum
Lewis Robinson
Maceo Jackson
Erica Starling
Andrew Lewis

Roebling Road Raceway

Bloomingdale, GA
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