Sat, Jan 23, 2021

Ice Driving School - January 23, 2021

Lake Sinnissippi

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Once again, the Audi Club Wisconsin will be holding its Ice Driving School at Lake Sinissippi                                 Hustisford, Wisconsin.

Come join us for some fun on the Ice! This registration is for the school on January 23rd only. There's another registration page for the event on February 6th.


COVID-19 Preparation at our 2021 Ice Driving Event

Your personal health & safety on the ICE and as a participant in this event are of utmost importance to us in the Wisconsin Chapter of the ACNA.

We will be designing the registration, meetings, “class” and instruction, etc., to comply with all necessary local and state restrictions  (if any are still in place) and US Federal, Health Canada & CDC COVID-19 guidelines that apply to ensure the complete safety of our participants and staff. 

In addition, there may be special restrictios and guideoines we will need to meet for local and ACNA specific Safety Protodcols in place at Nieder park in Hustisford, and on Lake Sinissippi as we conduct our exercises. As portions of the US and                                               states have seen surges in cases, these guidelines have been constantly in flux over the last few months. For example, there will be no in-car instruction, masks will be required at all meetings and gatherings, and social distancing will be required.

Please be assured that we will provide you with the most up-to-the-date information you will need in a timely fashion prior to the event.   Please bear with us and be patient, compassionate, and be respectful to others during these trying times!


We will meet at the parking lot at Neider Park on Lake Sinissippi at 8:00 for introductions and orientation.  (Google Neider Park and click on ‘directions’ to find your way there!) All activities will be held on Lake Sinissippi. Then we'll head to the frozen lake for some 'hands on' instruction. There will be no in-car instruction. All coaching will be done from outside your car based on instructor observation. Ice racers from the Wisconsin Auto Group and instructors from our chapter will instruct members and guests on correct procedures of car control on ice. At lunch time, we'll eat in our cozy, warm cars. The afternoon continues with more driving exercises on the lake, concluding around 4:00 P.M.  This is not a high speed event! No helmets required!!!

This event is open to members and friends – and we encourage parents to bring their driver age children who have a valid driver's license or a learner's permit. 

You don’t have to drive an Audi to participate, but you need a vehicle that’s in good working condition! Snow tires (4 of them) are recommended for all cars participating in the event. At a minimum, cars must have all-season tires. 

The school is limited to 40 people, so an early registration will hold your spot. The cost is $65.00 per person, which includes lunch and compared to other ice driving schools is a real deal.  If you have any questions, contact Mike Slagle at 262.488.9005 or




Event requirements

Payment for this event:

Have your credit card handy to pay your registration fee and complete your registration. If we have to cancel because the weather isn't cooperating, we'll refund your registration fee. If you cancel, we'll have to charge a small administrative fee. Sorry about that!! 

Lake Sinnissippi

Hustisford, Wi
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Car Control Clinic organized by

Audi Club NA - Wisconsin Chapter

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