Fri, Apr 20 - Sun, Apr 22, 2018

The Hershey Tour

Hershey Swap Meet

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Join PCA POTOMAC as we take our Third Annual tour through the Maryland and Pennsylvania countryside to the famous HERSHEY PORSCHE-ONLY SWAP MEET and visit Hershey’s ANTIQUE AUTO MUSEUM!  Plus fine food and this year, a new hotel venue - the historic THE HOTEL HERSHEY.

Where to: Hershey Swap Meet, Hershey, PA
Swap Meet Link:

Museum Link:‎ 
Dates: We drive up Friday April 20, Satuday April 21 is the Swap Meet, and Sunday April 22 is the optional AACA Museum tour (or have some other fun in Hershey.....)

Costs and Other Info at a Glance: 

a) Book directly through THE HOTEL HERSHEY using this weblink: Special rate is $259 per night + 11% tax for a room with King Bed.   Guests who prefer to call to make reservations can call 855-729-3108 and ask for the room block for the Porsche Club of America Potomac Region at The Hotel Hershey, April 20-22, 2018.

b) Gen. admission to the swap meet is free + $25 for Porsche area parking, or $40 for the Porsche Corral parking.  If you want to enter in the Peoples' Choice Concours event, it's $10.

c} All meals are dutch style so costs vary depending on your appetite.  Generally our lunches are $10-20 and dinners $30-40 each depending on what you eat and drink. 

d) For those who wish to visit on Sunday with our group, the AACA Museum will be $12 and this time we will be taking a guided tour.

e) Expected trip length to Hershey about 130 miles with two stops along the way.  Please fill up before we meet at the rally point!

Deadline: Wednesday Apr 13, but based on hotel availability, don't wait!  Hotel deadline is MARCH 6, after which rooms at our special rate may no longer be available.



We will depart Friday April 20 at 10:30 am from south of Frederick MD (location to be provided once you register), and then together take a scenic drive northeastward along a new and fun route through the hills and valleys of Maryland and Pennsylvania toward Hershey. This year we will completely avoid the Interstate going into Harrisburg!  We'll stop along the way for lunch and then a little later we'll stop off for some ice cream before we drive the last stretch into Hershey.

After checking in at THE HOTEL HERSHEY, relax and check out the surroundings.  At about 6:30, we will meet in the lobby and head off to our traditional casual dinner Friday night April 20 at the fabulous Fenicci's!

April 21 Morning: We will caravan from the hotel after breakfast to the Swap Meet  where we will try to get there early enough (before 9 am or so) so people who are not displaying (or selling) their car in the Corral can park together and wave the Potomac banner. Concours entrants should also head over there early to get your desired spot. Enjoy the festivities, eat some corndogs and funnel cake, and buy that sun visor for your 356 you've been looking for since 1986,  or have a look at that 911 ducktail engine lid you were hoping to decorate your dining room with. And remember, this is the only Drive and Dine event where you can arrive in one Porsche and go home in another!


Depending on how long you are at the Swap Meet, you might have time to enjoy the hotel's amenities (like the pool, golf, archery, etc., and something called the Chocolate Spa). Or visit attractions, all with a chocolate theme.  There is also some kind of theme park in Hershey.  Hmmmmm. 

Saturday night, we’ll enjoy our traditional business-casual dinner at the Mill of Hershey at 7:30 pm.

April 22 - Sunday morning, enjoy breakfast and for those of you who registered,  we will head out from the Hotel about 9:30 (tentative) for the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum.Hershey2 Admission is $12, including a guided tour for our group.  Visit their Corvette restoration their permanent TUCKER exhibit (for those of few of you who are into rear-engine cars....oh wait),  And  of course, Forest Gump's bus is there along with a myriad of changing and permanent exhibits,  plus we may get lucky and see the Hershey Kissmobile out front.......

After the museum, those who are interested may enjoy a stragglers lunch at the Troeg brewhouse, or feel free to do some stuff in Hershey at your leisure, or head on home.

Signup is open now through April 13.  However, you must make your Hotel Hershey reservation by March 6.  We have a limited number of rooms. The rates will be $259 per night + 11% tax for a room with King Bed.  You can access our room block (PORSCHE CLUB OF AMERICA - POTOMAC REGION) online at  Guests who prefer to call to make reservations can call 855-729-3108 and ask for the room block for the Porsche Club of America Potomac Region at The Hotel Hershey, April 20-22, 2018.

For more information contact your Tour Guide:

Glenn Havinoviski
c 703.395.4039

or email us at

Great cars, great roads, great fun and all with great people!

Please join us for an event you’ll talk about for years to come and more importantly meet fellow car enthusiasts and make new friends.

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Hershey Swap Meet

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