Fri, Aug 21 - Sun, Aug 23, 2020

GVC Advanced HPDE, Time Trial, Race School

Watkins Glen International

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GVC Advanced HPDE at the Glen 


Looking for lots of track time? Perhaps something extra?  This is the event for you!

Our Advanced HPDE is open to expert and advanced track drivers, Club Racers and Instructors.  It’s a great opportunity to further develop your high performance driving skills. The unique DE format has two run groups, fast and faster, alternating every half-hour each day all day.  You assign yourself to one or the other run group according to your preferred pace and comfort level. Regardless of which run group you choose, all drivers have the option to drive in either group at any time when the track is "green" as long as appropriate respect is paid to the run group's pace and "culture".  All standard BMW CCA safety protocols and passing rules will be in effect. Lots of choices for track time and special events with one, two- or three-day registration options for every budget.  Unlike our driving schools, there are no assigned instructors at the is event.  However, instructors are available by special arrangement if you are new to the Glen and need a bit of help.

If you are unsure whether you qualify, please contact  Bill O'Neill (GVC Chief Instructor).

Special Options:

BMW CCA Club Racing Time Trials

Friday only

BMW Club Racing Time Trials (TT) offers a driver a competitive step up from driving school event, instructing, and Auto-X, but is not wheel-to-wheel racing.  Any car that passes tech inspection for a driving school (HPDE) may be used for TT. Extra safety equipment is always encouraged, but not required.

BMW-TT is open to Solo (Group S or equivalent) and advanced – intermediate (GVC Group 2) students (with approval*) and all driving school instructors. Each driver will be screened before being accepted for TT.

TT participants get 4 separate sessions during open track Friday. Similar to qualifying for a race, it’s all about your single fastest lap in a session. Time Trial cars are gridded by lap times in the previous session and are assigned a specific grid position to avoid unnecessary overtaking. Between TT sessions the track remains open for practice and lapping by TT participants. This amounts to full day of track time.

With any registration package that includes Friday, you may select TT as an add-on.


Bimmerworld BMW CCA Club Racing School SOLD OUT!

Saturday and Sunday only

The Bimmerworld CRS is a challenging and fun track experience.  Though the ultimate goal of the school is to recruit new racers to BMW Club Racing, you don’t have to drive a BMW, or have a race-prepared car, driving suit, or race harness to participate.  Any vehicle that passes tech for our driving school is adequate for the CR School.  Completion of the CRS does not automatically qualify you for a BMW CCA Club Racing license. But if you have the experience and meet certain requirements, you will be eligible for a rookie license, and the opportunity to join the ranks of BMW CCA Club Racing, which many consider to have the finest club racing level drivers in North America. 

  • With any registration package that includes Saturday and Sunday, you may select CRS as an add-on. CRS is SOLD OUT!
  • If you register for a three-day Big Weekend, you may also add-on both TT and CRS!  (Free garage space included!)  CRS is SOLD OUT!

To read more about the CR school, please use this link to the BMW Club Racing website:  Bimmerworld Club Race School


Advanced Data Coaching

Saturday and Sunday only

GVC is offering Advanced Data Coaching to lapping students who are interested in taking the next leap in driving skills development. A highly-qualified Data Coach will work with you to utilize data from your vehicle to reveal opportunities for improving your driving technique. In addition to personal 1-on-1 coaching, we provide an AiM Solo 2 data logger to use for the weekend at no extra charge. We are confident that you will see track performance gains that will rival modifications to your car costing thousands of dollars by improving the most important component in your car - you!  Fee is $250 for a two-day (Sat./Sun.) program.  No money due at registration; we collect the fee (cash or check only) at the event.  Only six AiM units available, so don't wait to sign up! 

Due to current NYS COVID-19 regulations, WGI will only allow participants ("drivers"), and no more than two "crew members" per driver, at this event.  

Registration options and fees:

One-day Event:  $375

Any single day: Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Garage rentals available on-site space permitting.  $50 (half-bay for the day)

Two-day Event:  $725

  • Any combo of two days: Friday/Saturday, Saturday/Sunday, or Friday/Sunday
  • Club Race School (Saturday - Sunday only): $795  SOLD OUT!

           Garage reservations (optional at time of registration): $65 (half-bay for both days; two-car max. per bay).

Three-day “Big Weekend”:  $925

Add Time Trial Friday: $70

Add 2-day Club Race School Sat/Sun: $70  SOLD OUT!

Garage reservations (optional at time of registration): $80 (half-bay for 3 days; two-car max. per bay).


With any registration option that includes Friday: participate in TT for additional $75

Saturday/Sunday two-day registrations: add Data Coaching for additional $250 (paid at the event).


Event requirements

This is a Genesee Valley Chapter BMW CCA event.  

Vehicle and driver requirements must comply with BMW CCA and GVC minimum standards detailed on the GVC website:

All track vehicles are required to undergo a technical inspection within the month prior to the event.  If the vehicle is used for any other track event(s) between this inspection and our event, it must be re-inspected.  Inspections must be performed by a qualified individual or shop using the GVC pre-event tech form, which must be signed by the participant and submitted at event check-in.  Drivers are solely responsible for the safe condition of their vehicles, and for any damages to track property during the event.

GVC Tech form:  GVC Tech Form 2019-01.pdf

GVC Emergency Medical Forms also must be completed and brought to check-in at the event along with the signed Pre-event Tech form: 

GVC Emergency Medical form:  GVC Medical Information Form 2018 v2

IMPORTANT:  GVC’s policy* for cars equipped with automatic “crash avoidance systems” (CAS). 

Systems may go by different names depending on manufacturer, but they all have the same basic function.  The two systems of most concerned are:  1) Rear collision warning/automatic braking systems designed to prevent rear-end collisions at highway speeds; and 2) Active lane keeping assistants, which generate audible and tactile warnings, and in some cases, actively apply counter-steer, to prevent an unsafe lane change when the driver takes no action.  When operational, these systems are widely considered to be unsafe in conditions typically encountered on a racetrack at HPDE events.

Therefore, cars equipped with either or both these systems will be allowed on track ONLY if the systems are completely shut down and remain down until the ignition is turned off .  Vehicles in which such systems are “hardwired”, and therefore cannot be manually turned off, are not permitted on track at our driving schools.

If these shut-down procedures are followed to the letter, we have been assured that CAS-equipped cars will be safe and compatible with the HPDE track environment.

*Please note that the policy outlined herein applies only to Genesee Valley Chapter driving events, and does not necessarily represent national policy of the BMW Car Club of America or it’s affiliated chapters.

† We have been assured by BMWNA that these systems can be completely shut off by the driver on all current BMW models. 

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Watkins Glen International

Watkins Glen, NY
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