Sun, Nov 14, 2021

Flat Track at Elsinore

Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park

About this event

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We are happy to bring flat track racing for all age groups and skill levels to Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park. As you know, Pat Fowler, Paul, Fred, Jeannette and the team have put in countless hours to ensure Southern California has the best options for our flat track community to not only practice whenever we want but a place to host professional races. The plan is to have monthly racing so we can continue to upgrade the flat track with more prime dirt and more trackside amenities. The best way to show our thanks is to show up for some practice and register to race. The future of the track and place to ride depends on US. The track is working on lights for the October 17th race.



We run transponders at our races for the professional feel and to be completely fair. 1 per bike is preferred to ensure you have the correct time for your specific bike. If you don't need specific bike times than 1 transponder per rider is OK. We are using the Mylaps TR2 Car/Bike (red) Transponders.

You can purchase your own transponder here or rent one for the day here.

To purchase direct from MyLaps click here.



SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2021 (morning to afternoon event)


SUNDAY, DECEMBER, 19, 2021 (under the lights event)

  • 8:00am - Front Gate Opens
  • 8am - 9am - Registration
  • 8:30am - 9am - Tech Inspection
  • 9am - 10am - Practice
  • 10am - 10:30am - Raffle Giveaways
  • 10:30am - 12pm - Heats
  • 12pm - 1pm - Lunch Entertainment
  • 12:45pm - National Anthem
  • 1pm - 2pm - Mains
  • 2:30pm - Awards & Giveaways


CLASSES OFFERED (if you don't see a class listed, please send us a message)
Class C Flat Track tires are required. (85cc & under; knobbies are ok)

REGULAR   (16 and older)

  • Girls - Females only on any year or size bike
  • Run What You Brung - Open cc - Pro 
  • Run What You Brung - Open cc - Expert  (non-pro)
  • Run What You Brung - Open cc - Amateur, Novice, Beginner
  • Vet 35+ - Open cc - Expert, Amatuer, Novice  -  on any year or size bike
  • Vet 50+ - Open cc - Expert, Amateur, Novice - on any year or size bike
  • Vet 60+ - Open cc - Expert, Amateur, Novice - Open cc
  • Vet 70+ - Open cc - on any year or size bike
  • Run What You Brung - Open cc - Pro 
  • Run What You Brung - Open cc - Expert  (non-pro)
  • Run What You Brung - Open cc - Amateur, Novice, Beginner
  • Hooligans - Expert, Amateur, Novice
  • Mad Dogs 100cc - 250cc 4 stroke
  • Pull Starts - Open cc


  • Go-Karts - Open cc
  • Quads 0-250cc
  • Quads 251cc-450cc


  • Sidecar - Open cc


  • Classic Vintage 500-750cc
  • Classic Vintage Brakeless
  • Framer Class - Expert, Amateur, Novice
  • Pre-1980 Vintage 0-540cc - Expert, Amateur, Novice
  • Pre-2001 Vintage - Open cc

YOUTH (15 and younger)

  • Mini E (4-8) Husqvarna, KTM, GasGas
  • 50cc 2-Stroke Amateur, Novice, Beginner - No training wheels
  • 50cc 4-Stroke Amateur, Novice, Beginner - No training wheels
  • 50cc Open (All skill levels) - No training wheels
  • 65cc 2-Stroke Amateur, Novice, Beginner - No training wheels
  • 65cc 4-Stroke Amateur, Novice, Beginner - No training wheels
  • 65cc Open (All skill levels) - No training wheels
  • 85cc - 150cc 2-Stroke Amateur, Novice, Beginner
  • ​85cc - 150cc 4-Stroke Amateur, Novice, Beginner
  • ​85cc - 150cc Open (All skill levels)
  • 250cc Open (All skill levels)

STACYC Classes Offered

  • 12" eDrive 2yrs old
  • 12" eDrive 3yrs old
  • 12" eDrive 4yrs old
  • 12" eDrive 5-6yrs old
  • 16" eDrive 3-4yrs old
  • 16" eDrive 5yrs old
  • 16" eDrive 6yrs old
  • 16" eDrive 7-8yrs old

Event requirements

  • Bikes should be prepped for flat track and in good working order.
  • Proper safety gear is required at all times. Helmets are MANDATORY.
    • eye protection,boots, gloves and additional protective gear are recommended

Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park

Lake Elsinore, CA


Motorcycle Race organized by

DRT Racing

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Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park

Flat Track at Elsinore

Sun, Nov 14, 2021