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Fri, Oct 1 - Sat, Oct 2, 2021

VSCCA Fall Finale: A Pre-War Celebration

Lime Rock Park

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Fall Finale: A Pre-War Celebration


Friday and Saturday, October 1-2, Lime Rock Park

Save $50 by entering by September 17!

Use your credit card and the charge will not go through until the weekend of the event and you will not be charged credit card fees!

The VSCCA has long been accepted as the Guardian of the Prewar Sports Car in North America. Over the past three years the Prewar grid has grown to be the best you will find in this country.  VSCCA Prewar Celebration Cup, donated by Victory Lane, is given annually. 

  • Enter a postwar vehicle at the regular entry fee, and bring a prewar car at no additional charge!   
  • Participate in the LRP Historic Festival on the Labor Day weekend with your Prewar car and receive a $100 credit towards your Prewar entry at the Fall Finale.
  • Approved, non-VSCCA members are also welcome to the Prewar Celebration.
  • Both days will be shared with the Lime Rock Driver’s Club.
  • This is a muffled event.

For more information on the Fall Finale  please contact Event Chairs Roger Morse and Lynn Arnold at 518-461-7106 or Whit Smith at 847-561-7515

Event Entry:

  • Early Bird two-day entry (Good through September 17, 2021!):  $475
  • Early Bird two-day entry for Pre-War cars entered in the Lime Rock Historics: $375
  • Pre-War Special!  Enter a Post-War car end get a Pre-War entry for free (car must be made prior to 1941).
  • Regular two-day entry: $525
  • Early Bird one-day entry (Good through September 17, 2021!): $250
  • Regular one-day entry: $275



The Early Bird Entry is up to twoweeks before the start of a track event: specifically the VSCCA Springs Sprints, Empire Cup, Thompson Vintage Festival, White Mountain Vintage Grand Prix and Fall Finale. If you DO NOT pay by Credit Card, your payment MUST BE MAILED to the Event Chair no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event. If you do not send your payment promptly and show up at the event with a check in hand, you will have to pay the Regular Entry fee which is $50 more than the Early Bird rate.

If you have not used before please click here for video instructions on how to set up an account: New Account Set Up

If you have a account but have not used it for a vscca event please click here for a video:  Existing accounts new to VSCCA

If you need to cancel your registration please watch this instructional video:  Cancel Registration


Event requirements

Fall Finale

  • Entrants must be an approved driver of the VSCCA or have a VMC current unemcumbered (not on suspension) license issued by a VMC organization (VRG, VARAC, etc.)
  • Entrants must have a current medical.
  • Cars entered must have a VSCCA log book OR have a log book from another VMC organization and be VSCCA eligible for the event.
  • If a car that is entered without a VSCCA logbook and is not in keeping with VSCCA regulations the car will be allowed to run this event.   However, the entrant will be advised that to enter future VSCCA events certain aspects of their car may need to be brought into compliance.
  • VSCCA rules require treaded tires. Cars with slicks will not be allowed to run with VSCCA groups.  To see the VSCCA tire rules please go to VSCCA Tire Rules
  • This is a muffled event. 
  • If you have questions about your or your car’s eligibility please contact the Event Chairs Roger Morse and Lynn Arnold at 518-461-7106 or

Entries (85)

Alicia Draper
Mitchell Eitel
Todd Stevenson
John Wood
Lou Timolat
Jim Bok
c.r. Keelips

Lime Rock Park

Lakeville, CT
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