Sat, Apr 28 - Sun, Apr 29, 2018

EMRA'S Spring Fling at Pocono South/East

Pocono Raceway

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WELCOME TO EMRA's Spring Fling at 
Pocono South and East combined course 


Time Trials/HPDE, Sprint and Formula Races @ Pocono South/East combined course

Saturday April 28 and Sunday April 29, 2018


A new event this year to the east coast is the Northeast 86 Cup hosted by EMRA. If you own an FRS or BRZ  and would like to participate in the Northeast 86 Cup, please check you vehicle classing before registering for this event. You can use this easy Points Calculator to find your class based on your modifications, and then use that on the upcoming registration page. 

Event Fee's - Online Pricing Only

Saturday OR Sunday Registration: $300
2-Day Combo Registration: $575

First Timer Single Day Registration $400
First Timer 2-Day Registration $675

Licensing Fees:
- TT/Competition License Renewal: $75
- Temporary Weekend License*: $25

Payment is required at the time of registration. Payments will be processed on the first Tuesday after your registration is completed or at the event, whichever comes first. If for some reason you need the payment processed on a different date, please contact the Registrar at 

*A temporary weekend license may be purchased when a driver holds a competition license from recognized motorsports organization other than EMRA. Contact EMRA's Chief of Race Licensing if you are unsure about your status.

Transponder Rental:
Rental of $45 per event or $60 for the weekend (a $420 deposit (check or cash) is required at the track)

Transponders are required for all Sprint Racing events

Event requirements

Important Safety Reminders for 2018

Remember to check the certification dates of your safety equipment before heading out for an EMRA event this season. Snell 2005 helmets no longer be accepted at our events.


As of January 2018, all helmets must be certified Snell 2010 or later. Snell M helmets (Snell M2010, or M2015) are acceptable for time trials. Competition racers must use helmets with a Snell SA rating (Snell SA2010, or SA2015).


Safety Harness and Belts:

SFI certified belts must be manufactured in 2015 to be acceptable for EMRA Race / Enduro safety equipment. EMRA holds valid SFI certifications until December 31st of the 2nd year after the date of manufacture as indicated on the belts label. (Refer to Driver Safety, Section 1.3 of EMRA's GCR for complete details). FIA Certified belts are valid until December 31st of the year of the expiration date as marked on the manufacturer's label.  Shoulder Harness and Lap belt certification labels must match.


Time Trialers Only -- Three-point harness with metal to metal mounting required as a minimum. OEM seatbelts or equivalent are acceptable, but must be in good working condition. A PROPERLY INSTALLED four, five, six, or seven-point racing harness is acceptable, but not required. All aftermarket harnesses Must have a current DOT, SFI or FIA tag. Only separate shoulder mounts are permitted. The "Y" type shoulder straps are not allowed. "H" type configuration is permitted. Aftermarket harnesses are acceptable ONLY if properly installed. If there is any doubt, please bring your OEM three-point belts and hardware to the event. Belts must be in good working condition, not frayed, stretched or weathered. The harness MUST be installed in accordance with EMRA race and manufacturer's requirements. There will be NO exceptions to this rule.

Please note:  Blue group participants must have mandated safety equipment as outlined in the Rules.  All Blue group participants must be approved by the Timer Trial and Race Chair. Please contact either to apply if you meet the requirements.

Downloadable Guides:

EMRA Competition Licenses:

EMRA Competition Licenses are required to run at an EMRA Event. Licenses are renewable each calendar year.

  • If you need to renew a current license, download, complete and mail the appropriate form with payment to the addresses provided of the form:
  • 2017 Time Trial License Renewal Form (pdf)
  • 2017 Race License Renewal Form (pdf)
  • EMRA Medical Examination Form (pdf)
  • If you have not held an EMRA License before and have a license from another sanctioning organization, you may apply for a temporary weekend license. Please select this option when registering for your first event. You may also apply for an EMRA competition license by contacting our Race Chairman, Cory Canzone at
  • If you do not hold any type of competition or time trial license, you may register as a Student at any of our Time Trial events. Please select this option when registering for your first event.

For questions regarding EMRA Driver Licenses, please contact

Pocono Raceway

Long Pond, PA
Download track map
Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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EMRA - Eastern Motor Racing Assoc.

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