CANCELED -Empire Region Ferrari Club WGI HPDE info on Sep 4, 2020 (255870) |

This event is over! Can we show you some more events nearby?

CANCELED -Empire Region Ferrari Club WGI HPDE

CANCELED -Empire Region Ferrari Club WGI HPDE

HPD Instructor

Friday, Sep 4 — Sunday, Sep 6, 2020
Watkins Glen International, Watkins Glen, NY

This event was cancelled Aug 26, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?

The Empire State Region of the Ferrari club of America has just scheduled an event at Watkins Glen Raceway after IMSA canceled their event for Labor Day weekend Sept 4-6 2020

The Empire State Region of the Ferrari club of America invites you to join us for a three day event, Sept 4-6, at Watkins Glen International raceway.

This event is open to EVERYONE.
You don't have to be a member to join us.
You don't have to have a Ferrari to join us.  Drive your own car on the track.
PCA, BMW, and other club members welcomed


You will be assigned a coach if you are new to High Performance Driving Events.  We offer both lead-follow instruction and in-car instructors (depending on you and your instructor)
You will also be assigned a coach for a checkout ride(s) if you have not been with us before.

This is THE event to experience what cars are really about.. It's the most fun you can have in your car with an amazing group of people!

Registration fees:
The fee is $1,175 and it includes a garage. 
$450 for a single track day - garage space as available
You can select to run 1, 2 or all 3 days.

We offer great VALUE  with 2 hours and 20 minutes of scheduled track time each day.  

We estimate that your 3 days on track will provide you with 7 hours of track time.

We accomplish this by having only 3 run groups, not 4 or 5

Your dollars spent for on-track hours is a very good deal.

We anticipate that we will have small run groups for each session.   You will have a less crowded track experience.

Note: Due to track's policies no guests will be allowed at the event.  Pit crew are allowed

To Register for the event 

1. Download/print the registration formFCA ESR WGI Registration form Sept 2020.pdf

2. Fill out the registration form, write your check

3. Mail the registration form and your check to:
     Mr. Bob Coates  
     42 Sea Gate Road
     Staten Island, NY  10305

Deadline for receiving the forms and the check is Aug 24.

Required Tech Inspection 
You will be required to have your car examined by a reputable service station / dealer using our Tech Inspection form not more than 30 days prior to the track event.

1. Click here to print the mandatory Tech Inspection Form:   FCA_2019_Tech-Inspection-Form_Jan-v2.pdf

If you have a Ferrari, your tech inspection form should be filled out by certified Ferrari dealership or independent Ferrari Service Center.

If you car is not a Ferrari, you can take your printed tech inspection form to your dealership or any commercial automotive service station and ask them to fill it out.

2.  Have your car inspected, have the service center sign the form

3. Bring the signed tech inspection form with you

Brake Fluid: The Tech Form requires that a car's brake fluid must be less than four months old at the time of the track event.  This is a critical item on the check list.

Note: Convertible cars without factory fitted rollover systems are excluded for this event unless a four-point structural roll bar that meets SCCA GCR guidelines for Solo 1, has been installed.  Trucks and SUVs are also excluded.

Factory fitted rollover systems including pop-up systems, such as those on the M3 convertible, Mini Cooper, Boxster, Carrera TT, S2000, Audi TT, 350Z, Z4, Z8, etc. are allowed.   Other examples of cars with acceptable factory installed rollover protection include: 308/328 GTS, 348 TS etc. with “targa” style roof and 360/430/458 convertibles with factory installed roll bars behind the seats.

All factory fitted systems must meet the “broom handle test” which measures whether the head, and helmet fit below a line formed from the top of the rollover bar to the top of the dashboard. All pop-up hoops must be in the up position before going on track (please contact your dealership to trigger the system).

On-Site Day of the event registration – please add $200 but please call first to see if we have room.

Run Group Dress Codes

Run Group


Green (Novice or New) / White (Solo)

Long sleeved (preferred) or short sleeved shirts, long pants, closed toe shoes are required

Blue (Intermediate)

Long sleeved (preferred) or short sleeved shirts, long pants, closed toe shoes are required

If you are driving a Race Prepared car with race tires and/or a roll bar/roll cage you are required to wear Full Nomex

Red (Experienced)

Full Nomex Required

Note:  Due to track's policies no guests will be allowed at the event. Pit crew are allowed.

This is a private event as are most High Performance Driving Events.   You will need to list your guests and family members on your downloaded form, during your registration process.