Sat, Nov 6, 2021

ECU Diagnostic Tech Session

Hollis Brothers Auto Service

About this event

Audi Club North America Chicagoland

Event:  ECU Diagnostic Tech Session

Location:  Hollis Brothers Auto Service

Address:  250 E Main St, Barrington, IL 60010

Date:  Saturday, Nov 6, 2021

Time: 11am - 12noon


Event Highlights:

  • Introduction and walk through of diagnostic software techniques on Audi demonstration vehicles
    • Ross-Tech VAG COM
    • OBDeleven
  • Learn how to check and reset codes
  • Learn how to unlock hidden features

Event requirements

Registration is required to attend the Tech Session and is limited to Audi Club members only.

Please notify us of the number of participants for the event..

To join/renew:

Hollis Brothers Auto Service

Barrington, IL


Tech Session organized by

Audi Club NA - Chicagoland Chapter

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