Mon, Jul 5, 2021

Eastern Buckeye PCA Monday at Nelson Ledges

Nelson Ledges

About this event

EBRPCA High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) event at Nelson Ledges Road Course will be held on:

Monday, July 5th 2021

Drive your car on the same track as many of the great road racers throughout history! Nelson Ledges is known as the fastest road course in the east. Fast high-speed sweepers and Freshly Paved! Nelson Ledges Road Course is in our own backyard just east of Cleveland, Ohio.

EBR PCA Nelson Ledges, 2019

Are you new to track driving?  Never driven with EBR-PCA?  We have a long history of making everyone feel welcome!  All EBR HPDE events are a great opportunity to drive your car on a world class track, enhance your driving skills, have fun with a great bunch of people, and make new friends! Check out this short video to learn more about PCA HDPE events.


Cost is $225 for a full day of driving fun. 

We will have small run groups, lots of track space and 2 hours of scheduled track time!



If you are not currently an approved instructor for EBR PCA and would like to instruct for us at this event, please contact Keith Kunz (EBR PCA DE Event Chair) at:


Costs and Options

  • Early Registration Discount (until May 15th): $25, Student & Instructors
  • Student Registration: $225
  • Instructor Registration: $50

Payment and Refunds

Our payment policyWe charge your card upon confirmation of registration. All students will be wait listed until confirmation of available instructor.

You may cancel your registration through and the Track team will process any credits in a few days.

Our Refund policy:
* Cancellation fee through June 1st, 2021: $25
* Cancellation fee June 2nd through June 12th, 2021: $100
* No refund after June 12th, 2021
* No refund for mechanical failure
* No refund for failing tech inspection
* No refund for weather
* No refund if track management closes the circuit  


More history of Nelson Ledges Road Course:

Nelson Ledges Road Course is a paved automobile and motorcycle racing circuit in Garrettsville, Ohio. It also holds car control and safety clinics. The track is 2 miles long and consists of seven major turns. It has a long history of racing. The track and facilities have been improved over the last several years under new management, with a fresh repave just 3 years ago. The track has had two configurations. The present-day course was created when the section of track from turn four to turn eleven was added to form what is known as the carousel. The original course turned to the right at turn four making a straight to turn eleven.




Event requirements

Event Requirements

Basic Safety and Tech Information

PLEASE NOTE: A head and neck restraint device is required for all cars with Non-OEM harnesses that go over both shoulders (typically 5-point or 6-point).

Event Requirements

  • HELMET - 2015 or later SNELL rating required (sticker must be attached - look inside helmet). SNELL “SA” recommended. A helmet with only a DOT rating is NOT acceptable.
      • Updated 3/29/2021: SNELL 2010 rating will be accepted through 12/31/2021 by PCA.  Helmets rated 2005 and older will not be allowed!  No refunds if your helmet doesn't meet the standard.
  • Seatbelts - Factory installed seatbelts for both the driver and passenger. If the participant chooses to install a five, six, or seven-point driving harness, several changes to the automobile must be made to create a safe occupant restraint system.

Harness Systems

If the participant chooses to install a five, six, or seven point driving harness, several changes to the automobile must be made to create a safe occupant restraint system. Harnesses must:

·       Include an antisubmarine strap.

·       Five, six or seven point SFI or FIA approved competition harnesses are required and must be properly mounted in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Belts must be replaced no later than five years after the date of manufacture. It is left to the owners discretion as to whether the belts should be replaced more frequently than required.

·       Have all harness attachment points secured/mounted in an approved manner consistent with the manufacturer’s instructions.

·       Be used in conjunction with a seat that has the supplied routing holes for the shoulder and antisubmarine belts. 

·       Have the shoulder straps mounted in an approved manner consistent with the manufacturer’s instructions.

·       The participant should BE AWARE that the addition of such a seat and harness system results in the occupant being fastened upright in the vehicle. Therefore, in order to have a COMPLETE SYSTEM, a properly padded roll bar or roll cage is recommended, and an approved head and neck restraint device is required. A head and neck restraint device certified as meeting the standards of either SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858 or its successor is required. The use of such a harness system without roll protection and a head and neck restraint device may result in an unsafe environment and is not a COMPLETE SYSTEM. Roll bars or cages and their installation must meet PCA Club Racing Standards.

When using a head and neck restraint device, it is recommended that one follow the SFI Recertification process for the head and neck restraint device. The instructions for this can be found on the device. Additionally, it is recommended that the straps be replaced every five years. 
The SFI standard requires seat belt to be replaced every two years based on date of manufacture. The FIA standard requires the seat belt to be replaced every five years based on date of manufacture. It is left to the driver’s discretion as to whether the belts should be replaced more frequently than required. 
Four-point systems are not allowed, EXCEPT as noted below, in Porsches because of the integrated headrest supplied by the factory. In addition to the standard SFI and/or FIA-approved five- and/or six-point system, a four-point system is allowed in non-Porsches that meet the following requirements:

·       Meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 209.

·       Attaches to the factory seat belt mounting points.

·       Each belt is designed to work in a specific vehicle and that vehicle tag must be attached to the belt system.

Four Point Belt Exception: Schroth has developed a four point harness for specific vehicles. These vehicles must be fitted with the original factory seats with which the cars and belts were tested. The belts must also be installed per the Schroth instructions.  The belts are Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 209, and as such they are deemed street legal and approved by federal seat belt safety regulations.  These belts also have labeling confirming the intended use for these specified vehicle models. They are ONLY allowed in the vehicle with which they were tested. These belts are allowed for five years from date of manufacture.  

  • Seating requirements - ALL participant vehicles must have TWO seats with equal restraints for the driver and the passenger. This applies to ALL run groups, except for instructors. If you show up without a second seat or without equal restraints, your car will fail tech inspection and you will not be allowed on the track. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS and NO REFUNDS.
  • Roll bar - Open air vehicles must have OEM, operational, roll over protection OR properly installed roll bars that meet the broomstick rule, i.e., must be taller than driver & also provide protection for passenger. Arm restraints required for driver and passenger for open vehicle operation.
  • Sunroofs - must be fully closed on track.
  • Tires - minimum - 3/32" tire tread depth for street tires.
  • Clothing – minimum requirement - long sleeve 100% cotton shirt, long 100% cotton pants, leather or canvas shoes.
  • Age - Drivers must be 18 years or older with valid driver's license.
  • SHARING A CAR – Two drivers sharing a car must be registered in two different run groups.
  • Co-Driver - No more than one novice driver per vehicle.
  • Noise - No open exhausts - (100dB limit)
  • Car Safety – The car owner must certify that the car is safe to run on the track and that the car has been inspected by a EBR approved person or shop within thirty days prior of the event. A completed EBR PCA’s Vehicle Safety Inspection form (VSI) EBR PCA VSI form 2021 signed by the driver and the approved person or shop is required to be submitted to EBR at the event. All vehicles will be required to pass a safety inspection at the track. Failure of this inspection will not result in a refund of your registration fee. You will be allowed to remedy any problems and resubmit your vehicle for approval.
  • INSTRUCTOR OPINIONS WITH REGARD TO SAFETY TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER STUDENT OPINIONS – The instructor assigned to the student will have final say regarding the operation of the vehicle while on track. This encompasses the student's driving and operation of the vehicle and its’ equipment. Be advised that the Chief Driving Instructor is likely to side with your instructor in matters involving a difference of opinion.
  • CARS NOT PERMITTED – All open-wheeled cars are prohibited. Cars with fenders attached to the suspension and not attached to the body of the car in at least two locations are prohibited.



Entries (17)

Michael Hayhurst
Mark Williams
Cliff Stover
Chris Hale
Ron Taxer
Matthew Wimer
Jeffrey Bernstein
Aaron Gibbons

Nelson Ledges

Garrettsville, OH
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