Tue, May 25 - Fri, May 28, 2021

DRSCCA Solo: Detroit Region SCCA Solo School

Schoolcraft PSTC

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In lieu of a Solo School at Schoolcraft this year, we’re moving everything online and making the classes free! In addition to the usual Solo Drivers School and the Safety and Kart Steward class, we're also offering an Intro to Data Acquisition class for those autocrossers who are interested in using data to help them improve.

Participants that sign up will be sent a Zoom meeting link with a meeting password. If there are any questions or comments, feel free to direct them to me, John Li, at jli@jleez.net.

Class descriptions and scheduling

Monday, May 24, 7:00-8:30pm
Online Solo Safety Steward Class

Safety Stewards ensure that our events are safe for all participants involved. Getting licensed as an SCCA Safety Steward involves taking a classroom session, a requirement which this online class will fulfill, and serving as a deputy Safety Steward for two events. This class also contains a Kart Safety Steward course, which is the start of getting licensed as a Kart Steward. For Junior Karts to run at our events, we need a Chief Kart Safety Steward in addition to a Chief Safety Steward.

Tuesday, May 25, 7:00pm-8:00pm and Thursday, May 27, 7:00pm-7:45pm
Online Solo Drivers School

In lieu of a Solo School with a classroom session and a driving session, we’re taking the driving school portion completely online. This will be an hour long discussion on what makes a driver fast when it comes to car control and driving lines. This is not going to be a simple lecture; there will be a “breakout room” discussion component to the school, so come prepared with a mic so you can discuss concepts with your fellow students.

Experienced drivers are welcome to participate in addition to novices. The driving “riddles” are something that I think everyone can get into, and we’ll delve a bit into video and data analysis as well.

Thursday, May 27, 7:45-8:30pm
Online Data Acquisition Class

No longer a novice, but want to learn how to get better on your own? This is an introduction to using data to improve your driving. There will be an overview of some autocross-specific data acquisition apps, but most of the discussion will be very general and can be applied to any data app that you may prefer using.

You don't need to have a data app to participate. We will be using screenshots and graphs that can be viewed on any device for the class.

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Shadi Saeed
James Dillard
Brian Zeller
A.J. Bisci
Brendan Brown
Nicholas Fox
Arturo Rocha
Constance Esposito

Schoolcraft PSTC

Livonia, MI


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