Sun, May 6, 2018

CNY SCCA Solo - Cleared for Take Off

Oswego County Airport EVOC

About this event

2018 Central New York SCCA Burdick Ford Solo Championship

Please Note: The primary entrance to the event site is on Flood Drive, which is not the airport's primary public entrance.  Additionally, this site has some site-specific regulations which prohibit minors (anyone under age 18) from competing.

We offer the following classes at all our events:


The Novice class is intended for anyone new to the sport, regardless of what vehicle they are using.  Generally competitors choose to stay in the Novice class for their first full season of competition.  This class allows those new to the sport to only compete against others who are new to the sport.  This class is scored using the PAX handicapping system to allow drivers with cars of vastly differing performance envelopes to compete on a more level playing field.


The Street class is for all "stock" vehicles competing on street tires (treadwear rating 200 or higher).  This is our most popular class, and is intended for vehicles which have not been modified from stock condition - although some sensible changes are allowed (non-performance cosmetic or comfort upgrades, repair parts, etc).  Sub classes range from "Super Street" (late model Corvette's, Porsche's, etc) to "H Street" (economy cars), but also includes the Heritage Classic Street sub-class.  This class is also scored using the PAX handicapping system based on a vehicle's sub-class.

Street Touring + Classic American Muscle

The Street Touring class is intended for vehicles which have common "tuner" type modification, and is also run on street tires.  Some of the modifications allowed in this class are extensive suspension modifications (shocks, springs, coilovers, sway bars, etc), and mild engine tuning.  The Classic American Muscle classes are similar, but are designed more for classic muscle cars, with popular mild modifications.  This class is also scored using the PAX handicapping system based on a vehicle's sub-class.

Street Prepared + Street Modified + Prepared + Modified

This class is for the fastest vehicles allowed, ranging from street-legal, yet prepared race cars, to vehicles which were designed from the start as race cars. This class is also scored using the PAX handicapping system based on a vehicle's sub-class.


Are you tired of winning?  Me either - but for those of you who are looking for more serious competition, this is your place.  This class is intended for drivers who want to compete against the best drivers at the event.  This class is also scored using the PAX handicapping system based on a vehicle's sub-class.

Event requirements

Registration Costs:

  • $40 for SCCA Members
  • $55 for non-SCCA Members ($40 entry fee + $15 weekend membership)
    * You can later apply up to 2 weekend memberships towards a full membership (a $30 discount)
  • $10 late fee
    * Available only at event chair's discretion.
  • You can pre-pay online with a credit card, or pay on-site (cash or check only).

Event Schedule:

  • 8:00 AM - Course open for walking
  • 8:00 AM - Registration and tech inspection open
  • 9:15 AM - Novice course walk
  • 9:20 AM - Registration and tech inspection close
  • 10:00 AM - Mandatory drivers' meeting
  • 10:30 AM - Competition begins (first car starts)
  • Approx 3:30pm - Competition ends (last car starts), cleanup begins
  • Approx 4:30pm - Awards ceremony

Other Registration Notes:

  • Pre-registration doesn't exempt you from on-site registration.  You must still check-in at registration on site.   However, pre-registered and pre-paid entrants will be able to skip the majority of the registration line.
  • If you do not pre-register online, you can always register on-site.  However, if you know you're coming in advance, skip the line and pre-register.
  • If you are new to the sport, choose the "Novice" class when registering.  If you know your car's class, enter it in the "PAX" field when registering - otherwise leave it blank, and we will assist you with classification at registration.

Entries (23)

Sean O'Mara
Connor O'Mara
Stefan Napp
Jeremiah Worker
Nick Amato
Aaron Bailey
J Scott Moller
Jeongmin Ahn

Oswego County Airport EVOC

Fulton, NY


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Central New York Region - Solo

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