Sat, May 5 - Sun, May 6, 2018

CER - Round 1; 'Return to our Roots'

Shannonville Motorsports Park

About this event

Join us for our first 2018 Event;

"Return to Our Roots"

at Shannonville Motorsport Park 

One, Three and Eight Hour Race Options;

Tech and Registration;                            Friday May 4th,           2pm to 7pm

Day One     One Hour Race                   Saturday May 5th        9am to 10am

                   Three Hour Race                 Saturday May 5th       9am to 12pm

                   Eight Hour Race                  Saturday May 5th       9am to 5pm

Day Two     One Hour Race                   Sunday May 6th          9am to 10am 

                   Three Hour Race                 Sunday May 6th         9am to 12pm

                   Eight Hour Race                  Sunday May 6th         9am to 5pm


Entry fees prior to April 19th              One day, (one) One hour race   $150 + $19.5 hst           Two Day  (two) One Hour Races           $250 + $32.50 hst

                                                           One day  (one) Three hour race $300 + $39 hst             Two Day (two) Three Hour Races         $500 + $65 hst

 Entry fee prior to April 4th                 One day   (one) Eight Hour race $900 + $117.00 hst       Two Day (two) Eight Hour Races          $1,400 + $182.00 hst

Entry fee after April 19th and until full    One day, (one ) One hour race   $200 + $26 hst                Two Day  (two) One Hour Races           $300 + $39 hst

                                                              One day  (one) Three hour race $350 + $45.50 hst            Two Day (two) Three Hour Races         $550 + $71.50 hst

Entry fee after April 4th                         One day   (one) Eight Hour race $1,000 + $130.00 hst       Two Day (two) Eight Hour Races          $1,600 + $208.00 hst


Entry fee includes a minimum of 1 Driver for the One Hour Races and Two Drivers for the Three Hour Races or more
Additional drivers $50 + $6.50 hst
Transponder Rental $50 + $6.50 hst


Event requirements

  • Must have a valid Province/State Issued Driver's Licence
  • Must be a valid member of Canadian Endurance Racing Series (CER)

Supplemental Rules for this event to follow

Entries (9)

Chantal Carter
Matthew Savini
Mark Clyde
Dan Zorica
Ian Crerar
Patrice Thibault
Ron Tomlinson

Shannonville Motorsports Park

Shannonville, ON
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Download track map


Club Race organized by

Canadian Endurance Racing

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