Sat, May 26 - Sun, May 27, 2018

CASC-OR Regional Autoslalom - Event 1&2 - St. Lac

Picton Airport

About this event

St. Lac is pleased to present the first two rounds of the 2018 CASC Ontario Regional Autoslalom Championship.

Important Information:

  • All three air strips will be used for the course on Saturday and on Sunday the course will be reversed.
  • We will have Security on duty over both Friday and Saturday nights to ensure safety of both the venue and competitors equipment.
  • Unfortunately, camping on site is NOT allowed by local by-laws.
  • If paid online in advance general entry fees are:
  • $55 per single day and $100 for both days.
  • $45 per single day and $80 for both days for CASC-OR Regionally Registered Competitors.
  • If paid in person general entry fees are:
  • $60 per single day.
  • $55 per single day for CASC-OR Regionally Registered Competitors.
  • We use SCCA classing and their rulebook can be found at
  • If you need help with classing or registration, please email the registrar or you can join us on the CASC-OR Autoslalom Facebook group at
  • The events will NOT stop for lunch to ensure our daily target of 6 official runs. A caterer will be present to serve lunch from approx 10 AM to 2 PM on both days.  
  • Portable toilets will be on site.
  • Loaner helmets will NOT be available.
  • Registration will be in a trailer in the Pre-Grid Area.  Start and Finish will be at the westerly end of the converging active air strips.
  • Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy will offer free in-car instruction to any competitor all weekend.


Event Schedule:

7:00: Registration Opens

8:30: Registration Closes/Driver's Meeting

9:00: Course Drive

9:30: Marshalling Assignments/Competitors Line Up

10:00: First Car on Course


Visiting Prince Edward County and Picton, Ontario

Picton is located in Prince Edward County, which is a beautiful tourist area and is rapidly developing a significant wine making industry due to its unique ecology. If you are entering both events and consequently staying over the weekend, many hotels/motels are available in the area. Information on the Picton area can be found at

The airfield has been used for scenes in many Movie and TV shows with The Discovery Channel TV series “Canada’s Worst Driver” being one of the most recent. Incidentally, the OPP and RCMP conduct some of their high-speed car training on the same airfield sections that we will be using. As the airport was designed for the heavier demands of bomber training during WWII, the foundation and surface have survived quite well. Moreover, there is a certain “ambiance” about the place with all the old hangers and military camp buildings. It’s believed that the airfield’s unofficial on-site dump is the home to a V2 rocket smuggled home from the war by none other than Farley Mowat. A simple online search can point you in the right direction.

Where to Say: There are few places in North America as beautiful as Sandbanks Provincial Park. You can find out more at Those of you who would describe themselves as indoorsy, can find information for this option at

What to Do: Whether its camping for the kids, visiting the Lake on the Mountain, seeing the Bay of Quinte from above no visit is complete without some antique shopping (downtown) or dropping by one of the many area wineries.


Hope to see you there!


Event requirements

  • The course will be set up Friday night but Registration will not be open on Friday night.
  • The Airfield is a functioning airport and is NOT closed Friday evening. As a result, it is imperative that you DO NOT drive on the air strips at this time. 
  • As per Federal Ministry of Transport requirements, no drones will be allowed.
  • Supplementary regulations for this event can be viewed at


  • Helmets meeting the following standards are approved for use in Autoslalom:
  • Snell 2015 SA or 2015 M
  • Snell 2010 SA, 2010 SAH or 2010 M
  • Snell 2005 SA or 2005 M
  • FIA 8860-2004, SFI Foundation 31.1A, 31.2A or 31.1/2005
  • Snell 2015 M, 2010 M or 2005 M rated helmets are not acceptable for vehicles equipped with a roll cage. These drivers require a helmet which meets one of the FIA, Snell SA, SFI or BSI standards listed above.
  • Helmets may be either open faced or closed face. They must be in good condition both inside and outside and never subjected to a crash or other severe impact.

Car Numbers:

  • All vehicles must display numbers and class letters on both sides, which must be readable by Timing & Scoring, Course, and Grid workers at all times.
  • Only one set of numbers and class letters may be visible while the vehicle is running.
  • Each digit making up the number must be a minimum 15 cm high and 2.5 cm wide throughout, tape or shoe polish in an contrasting colour is acceptable.
  • Example of a properly identified vehicle


Directions To Picton Airport:

The Picton airport is located just a couple of minutes south of the town of Picton, Ontario. The town of Picton is located in the heart of Prince Edward County, Ontario’s only island county. Picton is located in the golden triangle, 2 hours east of Toronto, 2 hours south west of Ottawa and 45 minutes west of Kingston. Surrounded by some 100km of beautiful Lake Ontario shoreline, Prince Edward County is one of Canada’s most picturesque locations. Charming towns and cozy B&Bs abound in this historical tourist destination.








Picton Airport

Picton, ON
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Download track map


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CASC Ontario Region - Autoslalom

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