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Registration opens at 8:00 a.m. with a 125 car limit. 

Event will take place at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, 205 E Thompson Rd, Thompson, CT

In addition to the skid pad, we are hoping to utilize a portion of the road course between turn 9 and pit-in.  This will be confirmed prior to the event, and worst case we will host a normal autocross using only the skid pad. 

Event price: $50 members $60 non-members 

CART runs a PAX-grouped classing system, C0 through C6, which has recently been revised/updated based on the current 2019 SCCA PAX index.

As a result, several classes have moved around.  There is a good chance you'll be in a different class than last year, please check!!

In order to select the appropriate CART class, you will need to know your SCCA Solo class:

Click here for 2019 CART Classing

Click here for 2019 SCCA Solo Rules

Although not listed at the link above, the three open/Pro classes (PRO S, PRO R, PRO G) are still available as well and have not changed.  Please see our website for more details on these three classes.



Event requirements

  • C.A.R.T. maintains a good neighbor policy: any competitor or crew found driving in the pits or on the street in an unsafe manner will be ejected, and forfeit any fees paid. Vehicles that are judged to be too loud will receive one warning to correct the problem before they will not be allowed to run. Drivers exhibiting unsafe driving skills on or off the property will be banned from events.
  • Registration closes promptly at 9:30 a.m. Any entry after that time cannot be accepted.
  • Any car (street legal or race) may compete. No trucks, SUV’s motorcycles or shifter carts can compete.
  • Cars are classed per SCCA rules and then separated into our own CART classes. (Stock cars are allowed any tire / wheel combination that is contained within the wheel well. A minimum tire treadware rating of 140 is required )
  • Car number and class must be clearly marked on the car. Car numbers shoulde be 8 inches high, class letters should be 4 inches.
  • Minimum age to compete is 18 years old for non club member participants and 16 years old for paid club members (any club members 16 and 17 years old must be accompanied by a paid member parent and have a waiver signed by said parent prior to competing). All drivers must have a valid driver’s license. (We do check!)
  • Helmets are required. We have a limited supply of loaner helmets available at autocross events. You will be required to purchase a headsock ($2.00) to use the loaner helmets. Every helmet must have a DOT or Snell M or SA rating and proof of being manufactured within the last 10 years. Helmets must be in good condition (no cracks)
  • Apparel – We suggest long sleeve shirts and long pants be worn when driving in this event. The material should be 100% cotton. Close toed shoes are required for all participants, no sandals, please.
  • All cars must be in good mechanical condition. This includes brakes and mechanically secured battery (no elastic cord). All cars must be muffled to a level determined by the Event Chair or any Officer.
  • All attendees will be required to work at least one work shift per event. Failure to work your assigned shift will result in loss of ALL recorded times. Multiple violations will result in an entrant being banned from our events.
  • This is a non-spectator event. Only drivers and “crew” allowed. No pets, and please remove all your trash when you depart.

Entries (22)

Dennis Polio
Keith Levins
John Williams
James Chakalos
Roger Jones
James Jaffe
Jonathan Riel
James Velgot

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Thompson, CT
Download track map
Download track map


Autocross/Solo organized by

Connecticut Autocross & Rally Team

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