Sun, Apr 18, 2021

BSCC 2021 Event#3 - April 18th

Bremerton Motorsports Park

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BSCC 2021 - Event#3 - April 18th

Spectators are now allowed per Washinton state phase 3 guidelines.  Feel free to bring your friends or family members out.

 Bring your friends or family members along for the fun!

  • Social distancing and face coverings are still required.
  • Participants are responsible for family members/friends/spectators they bring to the site.
  • All spectators must sign the speedwaiver!  We will be checking the waiver status of everyone at the gate!
  • Ride alongs are permitted with the following restrictions
    • Spectators may ride with the participant they arrived on site with. (IE: Riding in one car, with one person, for the day)
    • No loaner helmets are available from BSCC at this time.

Due to the ongoing public health situation, we are continuing in a non championship format.  The intent of this is to allow participants to stay home if they are not feeling well without the conflicting interest of losing out on points in their competitive class.  While this does suck to not have competitive classes, we feel it is an appropriate and important step we can take as a club to keep everyone as safe as possible.  That said, we will still be recording and posting your times (see notes below).  This requires a two part registration (both here and on scorekeeper)

You will recognize the same boiler plate as last year below, but there have been a few updates which are highlighted in PINK

  • We are going to record and provide run times this year for all participants, even though the events (at least for now) are all essentially practices.  We are going to do this by either:  
    • Assigning numbers to you in grid that will allow you to look up your times on our local timing network and web-landing page.
    • Registering your car on scorekeeper so you can run your normal numbers and we will give you the timing card at the gate.
  • No on-site registration will be available.  All payment and registration is through motorsportsreg at this time.
    • Online registration will be open through the morning of the event.
    • Refunds will be available up to and including the day of the event, no questions asked.  If you do not feel well or do not feel comfortable attending, please stay home.
  • We are using "Speedwaiver" through motorsportsreg, which you will need to complete before arriving at the site.
  • Waiver check will still be just inside the gate.  Please stop and allow the volunteer to check your e-waiver, drivers license, and assign you your run group for the day.
  • Minimum driver experience level of 5 autocross events.  (We are unable to provide instructors to new drivers at this time)
  • Masks or a mouth and nose covering will be required on site at all times when you are near peopleOnly exceptions are when driving and when working course separated by 20ft or more.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available near the timing trailer and restrooms.
  • No loaner helmets will be available on site.  Please plan accordingly and bring a valid helmet. (Snell 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020)
  • Co-driving or dual driving of a single vehicle is permitted in two cases
    • Drivers are members of the same household
    • Co-drivers are from different households but agree to be paired for the entire event (no driving multiple vehicles)
  • Tech inspection will either be a self tech as directed by an event worker; or a physical distance enforced tech where the participant is to stand away from their vehicle.
  • Course walks will be independent, with the exception of members of the same household or paired co-drivers. Please stagger and keep an appropriate distance from your fellow racers during the course walk.
  • The drivers meeting will be held in a distributed fashion with appropriate distance maintained. (we will turn the PA system up!)
  • Work assignments will be assigned on site after the drivers meeting.
  • Corner captain radios will be sanitized between each group.  We will lay them out on the trailer door rather than hand them to you.
  • Gloves of some kind are recommended for course workers to minimize the risk of transmission from cones.  As a side benefit, yours hands won't get as dirty from working course!
  • There will not be a food vendor available on site, so please bring a lunch and water with you to the site.

Event Schedule:

  • Gates Open 7:00am
  • Tech Inspection: 7:30 am – 8:30am
  • Morning Drivers Meeting:  9:00am
  • First car out: ~9:15am

We'll divide drivers into two groups (Run 1st/Work 2nd and Run 2nd/Work 1st) - we estimate the morning session will last about 3 hours (TBD based on attendance) - everyone will run for approximately 1.5 hours and work for approximately 1.5 hours.

LUNCH BREAK ~1 hr:  

  • Afternoon Drivers Meeting:  1:00 PM
  • First car out: ~1:15PM
  • Wrap Up:  5:00pm usually, or until we run out of daylight



Event requirements

  • For now, you must have a minimum experience level of 5 autocross events to register and attend.  We are hoping to be change this very soon, thank you for your patience.  Please contact us with any questions or unique scenarios.
  • Please consult the BSCC website for car set up tech requirements 
  • All helmets must be rated Snell 2005 or newer rated.  No loaner helmets will be available due to Covid 19 mitigation efforts.
  • You must have valid driver license to attend this event.
  • You must have a 2021 BSCC membership, which can be purchased along with the event registration.
  • You must sign the new electronic "Speedwaiver" to be let onto the site on race day.  There will be no on-site waiver.

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William Batts
Theron Langel
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Bremerton Motorsports Park

Port Orchard, WA


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Bremerton Sports Car Club

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