Sat, Jun 21, 2014

Autocross Summer Series #3

Winter Park

About this event

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA Autocross registration page.

Autocross Summer Series

Prepare to Autocross!

This year the Rocky Mountain Chapter has scheduled 7 autocross events for the season. Participation is open to all BMW CCA members, no matter what your driving ability is or how much car preparation you have. Our focus is improving performance-driving skills, with some friendly competition added in.

The official RMC BMW CCA Forum is online, including a forum for Autocross specific topics. Go to and register an account on the website. All new posted news about up and coming events will be posted at this website. NOTE: Please do not rely on the email mailing list for up to date information about Autocross events.

Classification is continueing to be updates. Please re-class your vehicle, as a few system changes have been made since last year. PAX index numbers have been adjusted as well, specific PAX values will be posted on the Autocross website.

Visit and click on the car classification link to class your car. If you car is not listed, PLEASE send email to

Event Day Schedule:

Please verify the location of each event, for not all of our Autocross events are being held in the same venue. Directions to each venue can be found on the club website , under the Autocross Section.

7:00am        -   Gates open

8:15am        -   Driver Check-in closes

8:30am       -    Drivers Meeting

9:00am          - First car off : morning session

12:00noon     - Lunch Break

1:00pm          - First car off : afternoon session

3:30pm          - Event Awards Ceremony

ALL of the above times after the Driver's meeting are subject to change depending on how the event runs, and to account for any unforseen delays.

Morning/Afternoon Session:

The morning session is for practice only, times will be recorded and posted but will not count towards the event competition. There will be 3-4 runs in the morning. The afternoon session is the actual competition that will count towards your season ending points. The number of runs in the afternoon will range from 3 to 5, depending on how the day is going and when the event is anticipated to finish. 


There will be a lunch break between the morning and afternoon sessions that will last 30-40 mintues. Lunch will NOT be provided. So please plan ahead and either bring a lunch or there will be a vendor on-site in which you can purchase food and beverages during the event. Water will be provided. NOTE: BBQs grills are strickly prohibitied unless they are allowed by the event chairman.

Awards Ceremony:

At the end of the event, there will be an awards ceremony in which we'll hand out awards based on the aftenroon session results. Awards will be given to the top 3rd drivers of each class. For example, a class consisting of 20 drivers will have 7 trophy positions. In addition to class trophies, an award will be given in the form of BimmerBucks. BimmerBucks are awarded for the top 3 trophy positions ( 3 - 1st, 2 - 2nd, and 1 - 3rd place). The top PAX BMW class driver will also receive 3 BimmerBucks. A new "NOVICE" group has been created for those that are new to Autocross. This is a new program to help our new drivers become more experienced drivers. More information can be found on our website, with regards to our Novice program. BimmerBucks redemption can be found on the club website , under the Autocross section.

Season Points:

Points will be awarded to each finishing position in your driving class. The best 4 out of 7 event finishes will be added up to determine what your season ranking is for the class. Each member will need to complete 4 events to qualify for an end-of-year award. Points are based on a indexing system that uses your raw time and your driving class handicap(PAX) to determine what your PAX time is. More information specific to how the PAX is calculated is found at within the Autocross Section.

Any specific questions with regards to registration, car classing or the event itself should be directed to

We look forward to seeing everyone soon

Michael Feldpusch
BMW Club Autocross Chairperson

Event requirements

Please make sure to class your car before proceeding to the next registration page! The classing structure has been revamped to take into consideration new cars and modifications. The BMW & MINI car class page can be found at .  Non-BMWs (and those in the Expert run group) will be classified according SCCA classes.

Prepare yourself for these events

  1. Plan to show up early and check in upon arriving – Get your grid and work assignments. There is always a tent setup to house all administrative functions; this will be the spot to take care of all event business. Please do not go to the trailer to ask questions. The trailer personnel are usually very busy getting setup and planning a safe day.
  2. Make sure your vehicle is cleaned out and ready for tech inspection and get your car number put on as soon as you arrive.
  3. Get your car to grid as soon as possible. Tech inspection is done in grid.
  4. Participants are responsible for their own belongings. If you bring valuables, please have someone watch them, while you work or run. RMC BMW CCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  5. No racing, fast driving, or showing off in the pit, staging or grid areas. Save your fast skills for the course. Anyone found burning out or driving fast in the pits or grid area will be asked to leave the event without refund. There are no exceptions! Safety is our primary goal at any RMC BMW CCA event.
  6. Spectators are allowed but cannot be in the "hot" areas.
  7. Every registered driver will have a work assignment if they are not driving or resting.
  8. Bring a Lunch! Lunch will not be provided, please make arrangements for food or purchase food and beverages from the food vendor onsite.
  9. Bring water! Even if it is not hot out, you will dehydrate quickly. Some water maybe provided, but do not rely on it.

Autocross events are open to all BMW CCA members. Beginners, convertibles and roadsters are welcome. BMW X5, X3, X6 and Porsche Cayennes may participate, but only the street tires. Other trucks, SUVs and high center of gravity vehicles are not permitted. Event registration will open on the latter of four weeks prior to the event or immediately after the preceding event. Registration will close at precisely 6:00 PM the Thursday prior to the event, or earlier if the event cap of 100 participants is reached. If registration is closed due to hitting our event cap, please send email to the event chair to be placed on the “wait list”. Wait list participants will be notified via email no later than Friday afternoon before the event if they are accepted. No walk-up registrations will be allowed. If you have questions, send them to and a member of the autocross committee will reply.

If you are not familiar with autocross, the preparing to autocross page is a good place to start!

Helmets, rated Snell 2005 or newer are required. The club also has a few loaners available for daily rental for $10/day. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license and be at least 16 years of age. If you plan to buy a helmet, read Bell Helmet's How to Fit Guide. Although Autocrossing is a safe sport, it is a timed event. As such most insurance policies will not cover your vehicle or harm that could result from participating. We recommend that you check with your insurance carrier to get more information.

Event cancellation/refund

Should you find that you are unable to participate in an autocross for which you have previously registered, please return here to cancel your registration prior to the event registration closing time.  Doing so allows other drivers to participate.

No cancellations or refunds will be granted after registration has closed, unless the entire event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, such as weather or venue/lot cancellations.  Cancellations, no shows, failure to pass the technical inspection or equipment failure will not result in a refund or credit.

Winter Park

Winter Park, CO


Autocross/Solo organized by

BMW CCA - Rocky Mountain - Autocross

Event over!