Sat, Jun 15, 2019

Teen Car Control Clinic - 2019

Milwaukee Brewers' Miller Park

About this event


Audi Club of Wisconsin in partnership with Just Drive presents a teen driving clinic.

This clinic is for teens who want to sharpen their driving skills and to improve their handling of a vehicle under various road conditions.  You will drive the car you drive every day. This is a wonderful opportunity for teens with a valid license or a learner's permit! 

If under 18, you must be accompanied by a licensed adult, parent or guardian.  They must remain present for the duration of the event. 

You'll learn:

·         Driving basics

·         Importance of vision

·         Cornering – understeer and oversteer

·         Braking

·         Proactive vs. reactive

·         Effects of weight transfer

·         Driver courtesy

·         Safe following distance

Cost:  $65 tax deductible donation. Compared to other teen clinics, that's a bargain!  Your donation includes lunch for you and your parent and it helps defray the cost of running the event.  

No refunds for cancelations within 7 days of the event.  The last day for a refund is June 8th. If you cancel before June 8th, there will be a $5 cancelation fee.


Event requirements

• Each driver – or parent – is responsible for the condition of the car. It must be in good working order: no leaks, no cracked glass, good tires, good seat belts, and in good working condition. 


• We will look over each car with you before the event.


• Be sure to fill your gas tank before you arrive at Miller Park.


• Lunch is included.


• Check-in at the Uecker Lot on the south side of the stadium - at 8:00am on June 15th. We’ll finish around 4:00pm. We will send details and directions a few days prior to the event.

Questions?  Call Mark: 414-899-1495  or send an email to Mark

Milwaukee Brewers' Miller Park

Milwaukee, WI


Car Control Clinic organized by

Audi Club NA - Wisconsin Chapter

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