Sun, Jul 9, 2017

ATL Region SCCA 2017 Points 6

Lanier Raceplex

About this event

Until further notice we will be running on a three-heat format.  Each class will be placed into Heat A, B, or C.  Attempts will be made to keep the same classes running together throughout the season, but some classes may need to shift to help balance the numbers in the three heats.  Which heat runs at what point during the day will rotate throughout the season, so that everyone will have equal time running first, working first, and resting first.  Please pay attention to the Heat assignments that are posted at Registration. 


7:30        Gates open

8:00        Registration / Work assignment opens

8:15        Tech opens

8:15        Novice Orientation meeting begins

8:30        Course open for walking

9:30        Tech and Registration close

9:30        Course Closed for walking – No more new walks to start

9:45        Driver’s Meeting

9:50        Heat A Worker Check-in

9:50        Heat A Drivers to grid

10:00     Green flag – Heat A first car off

The run / work / rest order is as follows:




Heat A

Heat C

Heat B

Heat B

Heat A

Heat C

Heat C

Heat B

Heat A


  • If you are running in Heat A, your day goes Run-Work-Rest (or leave).
  • If you are running in Heat B, your day goes Rest-Run-Work.
  • If you are running in Heat C, your day goes Work-Rest-Run.
  • Junior Karts will always run first heat, all karting runs completed prior to any car runs.
  • Novice will always run a Rest-Run-Work schedule.  Novices are encouraged to seek ride-alongs during their Rest session to help familiarize themselves with the course. 
  • Pro will always run a Work-Rest-Run schedule.  Pro drivers are encouraged to assist with Novices during their Rest session, which coincides with the Novice Run session.  Willing Pro drivers should check in with the Novice chief to notify him of their availability. 
  • There will be no dedicated lunch break.  Please plan accordingly and eat during your rest session, or bring snacks that accommodate your schedule as needed.
  • Worker changes will be performed on the fly, to minimize down-time.  Participants are expected to keep track of the pacing of the day and listen to announcements, so that worker changes can be accomplished with minimal interruption to the event.

Novice Orientation - Atlanta Region offers one of the finest novice programs in the country!  If you are participating in autocross for the the first time or have very little experience, it is mandatory that you sign up for the Novice Class.  Our novice class is limited to 20 participants each event.  You will receive information on how to prepare for your first autocross experience after registering.  Please be advised:  Payment for those participating in the novice orientation class will be collected within 2 days of signing up.  Questions?  Check out our forum on for more info on our Novice Orientation Program.  The Solo 101 thread gives you very pertinent information.

Event requirements

Pre-Registration is required for our events.  Registration fees are $35 for card carrying SCCA members and $50 for non-members.

For non-members, your entry includes a $15 weekend membership fee. If you decide to become a member (and save $15 for every future event), you may apply that $15 towards the purchase of an SCCA membership (normally $85 - you can go to to sign-up now and save).

If you will be registering as an SCCA member, MotorsportReg will verify your SCCA membership as you complete the registration process.  If you are a current member and get a message telling you that your membership is invalid or expired, please attempt the following steps to rectify the situation:

*  Make sure the name on your SCCA membership card matches the name on your MSR account exactly.

*  Make sure your SCCA number has been entered correctly in your MSR account - including underscores that are a part of your number.

For non-members, you will purchase a weekend membership for $15 in addition to your regular entry fee.  You may save your weekend membership certificate and apply it toward an SCCA membership.


Entries (145)

Allen Joiner
Pete Mckibben
Matthew Leone
Jeovanni Maroney
Luis Barrueta
Carlos Vivas
Casey Dement
Reinier Goede

Lanier Raceplex

Braselton, GA


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Atlanta Region - Solo

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