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Greg Moore Raceway

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You may pay for your  West Coast Kart Club (WCKC) - Greg Moore Raceway ANNUAL GENERAL or FULL ACCESS membership here.  Storage of container units cannot be paid for on this site - please contact if you are interested in a storage locker at the track.

All membership dues, race fee's, day passes and Trailer Storage fee's will be processed through MSR. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you don't feel comfortable submitting the waiver forms online, you can submit these forms in person at the track. Please note this can only be done on Saturdays and Sundays after March 1st from 11.00 Am to 2.00 PM. 

Annual General Membership:

Important. A General membership WILL NOT  allow you to use the track for test & tune sessions.

$225 new member

$175 annual renewal

(5% GST Included ), includes:

  • Reduced race entry fees
  • Free official practice days (karts only, day before each WCKC Club Series kart race only).  No race entry required to use the free practice day.  
  • Due to Covid regulations the day before will be the Friday before a club racing event.
  • Points and year-end awards in the WCKC Club Series Championship
  • Free use of transponders at races (first come first served, limited availability)
  • Voting rights at our club meetings and AGM.

IMPORTANT! The only practice days included in the general membership are the day before each WCKC Club Series kart race day.  These are karts-only official practice days.  If you would like to practice on any other day, a One Day Driver's Pass can be purchased for a fee of $50 (some restrictions apply, please check 'One Day Driver's Pass' on the WCKC website), or consider the Full Access Membership (see below).  You may upgrade to one of the Full Access and Storage Memberships at any time by paying the difference. 

Annual FULL ACCESS Membership:

$700 new member

$650 annual renewal

(5% GST tax included), includes an Annual General Membership as described above, PLUS:

  • A Track Key
  • Free open practice on weekdays and non-event weekends (subject to periodic track closures for special events and maintenance)

***Always check the calendar on the website to make sure the track is available for practice before you go out! ***

All Memberships expire at the end of the February following purchase. 

See wckc 2021 fees.pdf   for information on membership options.

You can choose to pay the volunteer bond in full upon renewing or applying for a membership. If you decide to full fill the volunteer position requirements during the season WCKC will issue a refund cheque.  Please indicate if you would like to pay off the volunteer bond. If you do not want to pay off the volunteer bond you will have to log in to and sign up for the volunteer bond program, or click here:  

See volunteer bond 2020.pdf  for more information


Dealer Members at WCKC

As per 2021 karting season.
Membership description: WCKC Dealer Membership
Price per year: $ 950.00 + GST
Included in the dealer membership is:
•    One dealer driver pass
•    One dealer floater pass
•    The right to use the facility for promoting, selling and servicing karting and karting related products excluding the promotion, selling and servicing of cargo and utility trailers.   

The following additional features are exclusively available for Dealer Members:
•    The ability to purchase additional dealer drivers passes for 50% of the price of a full practice membership with a maximum of 3 additional dealer driver passes.
•    The ability for the team principle(s) to purchase an additional family full practice membership for 50% of the regular pricing.
•    The ability to purchase additional day passes for 50% of the full practice day passes.

The following rules and regulations apply to dealer memberships:
•    The dealer membership can only be sold to and used by a racing related registered company. 
•    A valid certificate of insurance will be submitted to WCKC at the beginning of the season.
•    The dealer driver pass is valid for only one person within the organization. This person will be assigned a dealer driver pass and this pass is NON-TRANSFERABLE. In case the pass is assigned to an employee and this employee leaves the company a request of transfer can be submitted and shall not be unreasonably withheld.
•    a maximum of 3 additional discounted dealer driver passes are available per membership. 
•    Additional discounted dealer driver passes can only be assigned to registered owners or employees of the dealer. An employee is considered eligible for a discounted dealer driver pass if this person is on the payroll of the dealer. Proof of employment may be requested.
•    The dealer floater pass can be assigned to only one person per day. Additional practice passes are available for a 50% discounted rate. (there is a maximum amount of discounted day passes)
•    Floater passes can be assigned to a person for a maximum of 3 times per season.
•    Only the registered owner(s) of the company can purchase an additional family full membership for a discounted rate.
•    Dealer driver passes, additional dealer driver passes, and floater pass users have to be pre-register at
•    Additional discounted practice passes need to be purchased through

Event requirements

Your responsibilities as a club member in regards to racing ethics and volunteering can be found here: 2020 rules

See signage at the track for additional Rules.  Failure to comply with the Rules and your Membership responsibilities may result in Membership privileges being revoked without refund.

WCKC is a non-profit, volunteer operated recreational racing club - please take your responsibilities as a WCKC Member seriously!  GMR was built by this club, and is there for you to enjoy only because of the ongoing volunteer efforts of its members. 


Greg Moore Raceway

Chilliwack , BC


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West Coast Kart Club

Annual Memberships 2021 Platinum Members

Mon, Mar 1 - Thu, Sep 1, 2022