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Twin City Rally Club LLC

Sunday, October 4, 2015
Action City, Eau Claire, WI

Registration closed October 4, 2015 11:59 AM on October 4, 2015 11:59 AM CDT Registration ends October 4, 2015 11:59 AM on October 4, 2015 11:59 AM CDT Registration opens August 12, 2015 12:00 AM on August 12, 2015 12:00 AM CDT Registration runs from August 12, 2015 12:00 AM to October 4, 2015 11:59 AM

Preliminary Regulations


The rally is about 140 miles. A GPS is not essential but will be helpful. Your GPS will allow you to see intersections before you get there as well as turns. In addition we will provide pickup point information using latitude and longitude should you go astray or get late and want to get back in the rally.


Equipped   Also experts No limitation on equipment

Journeyman Stock odometer or GPS odometer plus experience

New To Sport    Have run 3 or less rallies. (This is a guideline more than a hard and fast rule). We will know if we need to bump you to J.

We may off a classic (20 years old) class if there is interest. 


Chairman    Kate Westberg
Rallymaster    Clarence Westberg
Safety        Kate Westberg
Scoring    TCRC


10-11:45 AM     Registration & signing in

12 PM        Car zero departs Action City

5 PM        Car zero arrives at Action City


Vehicle Inspection

You are responsible for insuring the following is in order:

  • Headlights (high and low beams) and parking lights
  • Taillights and stoplights and directional signals
  • Horn, windshield wipers
  • Rear-view mirror
  • Foot brakes and parking brake
  • Tires (inspect for condition of sidewalls as well as tread)
  • Seat belts, securely installed for the driver and navigator
  • Safety triangle (suggested)
  • First Aid Kit (never hurts)

Official time

Official time for this rally will be NIST radio station WWV. A clock set to WWV will be available at registration if you don’t have access to WWV. Make sure that your watch is set correctly. 

The schedule for this rally is based on the time for Car Zero. The CZT (Car Zero Time) will be specified for each instruction. Your scheduled time for each instruction is calculated by adding your car number to the minutes of the CZT. Example: If the CZT is 13:35:20 and you are Car 7, your time for that point is 13:42:20.


Dead end roads and obvious driveways should not be considered unless you are directed to use them. Road names such as 331st can be referenced as 331, 331st, etc. As long as the number is correct, use it. As of the pre-check there were no unpaved roads.

Route Instructions

Instructions are to be completed in numerical order. Each instruction will contain official mileage, average speed. Signs referenced will be enclosed in quotation marks. Information in parenthesis is helpful but not essential.

You will get your routes when you register, if you have any questions ask before or during the drivers meeting. The course is divided into 5 sections. The odo check section is not timed and contains no timing controls. It is used to compare your odometer to ours over a variety of surfaces. Sections begin with an official mileage of 0.00 and are measured continuously until the end of the section. 

An instruction may uses the term “quiet” in built up areas where you need to go slow so you don’t upset the locals. If a speed limit is present, stay under it. We suggest you go 25 MPH in these areas. Adequate time will be given to make up lost time after the quiet area. 

Pickup Points

There are breaks in Strum and Eleva WI. Should you get lost pick up the course there.

Following the Course

The correct course at each intersection is determined by applying the following priority list in the order shown.

  1. Proceed as directed by the instruction at the specified mileage. 
  2. Follow the Main Road

    The main road is determined by the following and in this order.

  1. Onto (the road given in a route instruction using the term onto)
  2. Protection (the roads without a stop or yield sign on it
  3. Paved over unpaved
  4. Straight as Possible

Measurement & Calculation

The course was measured by a front wheel drive car equipped with a thousands reading odometer with input from magnetic sensors attached to the driver side front drive shaft. Mileages will be given to the .01 mile. Mileage was taken at the stop/yield sign if present otherwise the apex or near edge was used. Calculations were done in a spreadsheet. Time was determined by (60/speed) x distance. The resulting number was converted to seconds. During this process the spreadsheet will per some some rounding which will likely differ from the value you get with a dedicated rally computer the difference being rounding vs truncation.

Timing Controls (TC)

Only one timing control will be located in a control zone. The timing line will be identified by an orange control sign on the right side of the road. You will be timed when your front tires pass the sign. DO NOT STOP at the sign. The workers will be located a short distance down the road, and you should stop next to them to get your timing sticker. The sticker will contain you time in and the CZT. Once you get your sticker, you should just continue to the next leg without worrying about being “on time”, that is, just drive the speed limit to the next leg. There are no controls on US, State or County highways. Controls may close 10 minute after the last car due.

Scheduled Time

The Scheduled Time is the time specified in a route instruction plus your car number in minutes;  this is the time you should arrive at that instruction. It is different from due time in that Due Time is dynamic, i.e. it can change throughout the event as competitors drop time; whereas Scheduled Time is fixed from the start of the event. 

Due Time

A competitors' due time is simply the time that they are due at the next timing control. Due time is your scheduled time plus any Timing Allowances submitted. 


Penalties are based on your due time. You will be penalized 1 point per second early or late.  Max points you can receive for any leg is 180 points. Penalty for stopping in sight of a timing control, 30 points. Stopping is defined as going so slow that the workers can’t determine if you are still moving.

Timing Allowance (TA)

It’s possible that you could find yourself behind schedule through no fault of your own such as a vehicle blocking the road or if you stop to aid a fellow contestant. In such cases turn in a delay in 10 second increments up to 10 minutes. You may also take an allowance up to the amount of time you were late at the previous control.

You must turn in your TA BEFORE you receive your in time; it will be recorded on your timing sticker. If you don’t the delay will not be allowed. Sometimes you make a mistake and get behind schedule. If you do, rather than driving at high speed to make up time, take a delay. The procedure is the same but you get a 30 second penalty.


You will be provided with official scorecards and duplicates; please turn in the official scorecards when requested.

Emergency Speed

Should extreme weather conditions exist we will use the Emergency Suspension of On-time Requirement: Run at your own safe pace, measure the course, and claim your calculated time of arrival at each open control. 


Rally master Phone number (952) 381-2759. If you get lost or drop out, call or text. We may not have a sweep car so if you get stuck you may need to call for help or try the nearest farm.  

The roads are very narrow in places, do not run ahead with the expectation of finding a place to park at your standoff.  Stay on your minute. If you fall back, let the person behind you pass. If you run early, respect the car on their proper minute.

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Twin City Rally Club LLC

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Action City
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