Sun, Jun 27, 2021

Alpine Autocross

Big Bear Airport

About this event

Our Challenge Series is Autocross with a twist! We normally have a couple practice runs in the morning, then the 4 scored runs. However, instead of your single fastest run, we add ALL 4 RUNS together to get your overall time. This rewards the consistent driver over the "banzai" driver that hits lots of cones! We also run a looser class set up as seen below to encourage drivers to bring out their "fun" cars! After we have finished our competition we continue with fun runs for anyone that wants to continue playing. Overall its a very laid back event that is fun for everyone from 1st timers to "professional" autocrossers!

  Stock Prep Modified
Car (Factory Rated Horsepower x 5) < Factory Listed Weight Any Any
Wheels +/-1inch Diameter and Width Any Any
Tires 200+ Treadwear 200+ Treadwear Any
Brakes Any pads and lines, and ABS can be disabled Any Any
Suspension Any Swaybars and Shocks Any springs/shocks/swaybars(no mount relocations) Any
Engine/Turbo Stock Electronic Controls allowed. No Hardware changes between throttle and turbo Any
Intake/Exhaust Filter, Cat Back Exhaust Any Any
Body/Weight Stock except for comfort/convience(radios, shift knobs) Any hood/trunk, seats, shifter, steering wheel. Ground effects and 'showy' Any
Spirit of the Rules If a car is classed unfairly, we reserve the right to adjust its reclass according to how we feel it best fits in the spirit of our rules    


Planned Schedule for the event!

730AM Gates Open
8AM Check-in
9AM 1st Cars out
12-1PM Usually wrapped with Practice and Scored Runs. Awards Ceremony to follow this
1PM till interest dwindles FUN RUNS. 

Event requirements

No experience is required for this event.

We have VERY limited helmets available, so please message us to reserve one beforehand if you believe you will need it. You will need at lease an M/SA2000 rated helmet. 


Entries (44)

Russell Agamohamadi
Nicholas Maida
Anthony Felipe
Marco Cruz
Alex Lee
Jocelyn Alexander
Neil Alexander
Kathy Thorp

Big Bear Airport

Big Bear, CA


Autocross/Solo organized by

Corner Exit

Alpine Autocross

Sun, Jun 27, 2021