Sat, Mar 26, 2022

2022 Street Survival TRAINING #1 (March)

Michelin Proving Grounds

About this event

Street Survival Volunteers and Coaches (new and old), we are finally getting back together for this program on March 25th.

This event is as follows;  March 25th will be a complete training day for Coaches new and old.  This will include course setup, classroom and training exercises with course take-down at the close of the day's activities.  Our thinking is that it has been over a year since the last Street Survival and getting together for a full day activity will be great training for new coaches and a full refresher for everyone else.  Plus most of us have never sat in for Ted's classroom sessions.

The Street Survival will be April 2nd  See separate registraion at

We expect a full-house of students with a waitlist, so 12-15 coaches will be required, plus volunteers, to handle this event properly.

PLUS, we are in need of a driver, with current CDL, to handle the water truck and tractor trailer rig.  If you or a friend have a CDL please refer them to me.

Please check your clendars and register now for coach or volunteer.


The Street Survival school teaches new drivers the fundamentals of car control under the guidance of in-car Coaches (instructors).  

There are two main volunteer positions; in-car Coach and Course Monitor.

As a Course Monitor, you are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the course. This includes..

  • directing any drivers who are lost
  • setting up cones that are knocked over
  • supervising skid pad operation
  • assisting students during vehicle inspection

As a Coach, you will provide students with in-car instruction during the driving portion of the school.  Previous coaching experience is not required, but a good understanding of car dynamics and safety is necessary. Depending on the number of registered coaches, you may have up to (2) students. Some topics to discuss with your student(s) include...

  • ABS operation
  • weight transfer
  • understeer and oversteer
  • "eyes up", look ahead
  • distracted driving

Plan to arrive at 7:00AM and plan to leave around 5:30PM. 

Event requirements

**All in-car Coaches need to complete an online training course prior to the date of the event.**

You only have to take the training course once. If you have already completed the course, disregard this portion. Course Monitors do not need to take the training course.

To go to the online training course enter the following web address into your internet browser:

Training link

Upon successful completion, save the certificate and forward it to Tim Beechuck by email.  His contact information is at the end of the course.  Provide the chapter/region you are instructing for. For this event, it is the Sandlapper Chapter of BMW CCA.

Michelin Proving Grounds

Mountville, SC


Car Control Clinic organized by

BMW CCA - Sandlapper Chapter

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