Sat, Oct 9, 2021

2022 Event Planning Workshop

Peachtree MBCA Virtual Georgia

About this event

Want to be more involved in Peachtree section MBCA?  Is there some event you’ve always wanted to see the club do?  Do you enjoy a wide range of club events and want to help put them on?  Come to our event planning workshop Video Teleconference October 9th from 12 to 4 pm.  We’ll have a “how to” session covering Peachtree Section’s and MBCA’s policies on events, along with feedback from experienced event planners on the lessons they have learned. We'll take a short break, then we’ll have a “brainstorming” session where we split into groups using ZOOM Breakout rooms and come up with interesting events for 2022.  After that we'll get back together and put the events on our 2022 Calendar.

Our goal will be to train some new event planners, and to flesh out a great event schedule for next year.

The essence of a club like ours is in having a wide variety of interesting and worthwhile events.  The real limits to the type of events we can offer are primarily our imagination and in having enough event planners to pull it off.  Our Board of Directors has traditionally planned the majority of events, but if we want to have more events, we are going to have to have more folks to run them.  This is why our event planners’ workshop is so important; all those interested in helping with our events should plan to attend.

We'll have this event using ZOOM VTC.  We know that there have been security issues with ZOOM, and we'll take appropriate precautions.  Some of the security rules:

1.  Ensure your name in ZOOM matches the name you registered under.  That way the meeting hosts can tell whether to admit you or not.

2.  The meeting login information will be sent out the day before the event, Friday October 8th, in the early afternoon.  If you don't have the login information by 5 pm, you should call or email me immediately.  Verify that you get/got a confirmation email when you registered - that will verify the email address in MSR is correct - and that's the email address that the logon information will go to.

3.  We'll all stay muted unless we are talking.  We'll use chat or the raise hand function for questions.

4.  Plan to come into the room early so we can start at noon.  11:45 would be good, we'll try to have the room up around 11:30.  Once we start the presentation, it's harder for us to add people to the VTC since we get busy.




Attendees (18)

Roy Francois
Dean Prince
Reijo Haarla
Joseph Ruda
Sam Kamber
Mark McFadden
Steve Chapman
Robert J. Sutter

Peachtree MBCA Virtual Georgia

Lincolnton, GA


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MBCA - Peachtree

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