Fri, Jul 15 - Sun, Jul 17, 2022

2022 DUELcross

Bristol Motor Speedway

About this event

2022 DUELcross

A minimum of $6000 in prize money is on the line for DUELcross 2022 at Bristol Motor Speedway

Duelcross is a unique autocross event in which you race is against other drivers, not the clock. You and another driver will line up on opposite sides of the same course. There will be an arm-drop start. The first driver to complete the course and make it back to their own start/finish line is the winner of the round. You will receive a minimum of 4 total runs for the event (two practice and two competition). The further you advance through the bracket, the more runs you will get. 

The event is open to all classes, including any local “run what you brung” class that the host region has. Junior karts will not be allowed. Event will be capped at 128 drivers with a waitlist after that.  We will do our best to create a course that has a mixture of different elements that you would typically see at an autocross, with an estimated length of 30-38 seconds.

Jeff Cox is your race master and will not be competing in this event as his time will be focused on the competitors and ensuring a great experience. We hope to make this a yearly event! Thanks and see you at Bristol!

Event Format:

Two Practice Runs
Double-Elimination Tournament Bracket

  • Starts: There will be an offset starts to keep the pairing equal. The offsets are not negotiable and distance will be calculated based on 2022 pax.  All pairings for the practice runs will be heads up.
  • Declaring Winners: Judges will decide the winner of each round. Both must agree without consultation. If they don’t, or they can’t decide and video doesn’t show a winner, a rematch is automatic.
  • Penalties: If a cone is hit and is knocked down or out of the box, it is considered a penalty. Cones that are hit that remain standing and touching the box are not penalties. If a driver hits more cones than their competitor, they automatically lose the round. If both drivers hit the same number of cones, the match is still heads up - first driver back to their line wins.
  • Timing: The clock is only used in situations where two drivers are sharing a car. The first driver’s time is not announced until the second driver is on course. The fastest driver advances. Since there is no direct comparison between the drivers, cones will be added as a two second penalty.
  • Brackets: Brackets are set up by a chip draw with one chip having a dot on it for lane choice


With 128 Entries:

1st: $3,500.00
2nd: $2,500.00
3rd: $1,500.00

With 100 Entries:

1st: $3,000.00
2nd: $2,000.00
3rd: $1,000.00

Event Schedule

Friday, July 15
12:00PM-Dusk:  Course open to walk, Registration Check-In, Chip Draw, and Practice Runs

Saturday, July 16
6:30AM - 8:00AM:
Registration Check-In
7:45AM: Course Closes for walking
8:00AM: Driver's Meeting
8:20AM: Final Practice Runs Begin
10:00AM(est): Competition Bracket Begins

Sunday, July 17
8:30AM: Competition Bracket Competition begins


Event requirements

Please review the following information

Site Restrictions

Absolutely no donuts, burnouts, or other hoonage on or around the event site.

We value our event sites and inappropriate behavior cannot be tolerated. Please drive respectfully as you travel to and from the event.

Technical Inspection

Before any car can run, it must be inspected to make sure it is safe and in compliance. The basics of the inspection include:

  • Battery securely bolted down. (This is the most common problem)
  • If your battery is not in the stock location and is a wet cell battery it must be in a enclosed battery box such as one for a marine battery.
  • Tires – no cord showing
  • Wheel bearings, shocks, steering, and suspension in good operating condition.
  • Seat belts in good operating condition.
  • Brakes – firm pedal with no detectable drop with car not running and proper level of fluid in reservoir.
  • All loose items removed (radar detectors, floor mats, etc.)
  • Hubcaps and wheel rings removed unless they bolt on.
  • All lugs present and tight.
  • Throttle return action safe and positive (no sticky throttles)
  • No excessive fluid leaks

Acceptable numbers and class designation must be on both sides of car.

You are responsible for this. Buy magnets, bring painters tape, masking tape, or frog tape (in a contrasting color from your car), or print your numbers and letters at home and tape them to the car. Whatever your solution, it should be legible from 100 feet away while in motion.


Any competitor or passenger must sign the SCCA wavier, available on site.

Weekend Memberships

SCCA Membership cards will be verified when you check-in at the registration trailer. If you are not an SCCA member, you must register for this event as an SCCA weekend member. Any passenger in a competition car must be a weekend member, but there is no fee for passengers.

Special Wavier for competitors, passengers, or participants that are under 18

All minors under 18 years old require a minor waiver to compete or spectate. For competitors the waiver must be signed by both parents, or by a verified single parent/guardian (requires evidence of status). This waiver is good for all events for a full calendar year from the date of its signing as long as the minor retains the pink waiver copy. For a minor spectator, one parent or guardian can sign a waiver good for a single event.  Althought ETR has minor waviers at the event, it is best to be prepared ahead of event day – get the minor competitor’s waiver completed with all the parent/guardian signatures required.


The minor waiver can be downloaded at: 

Print the form (IN COLOR), get it signed by both parents or legal guardians, and present it at the registration table at the event.

Please visit our community forum if you have any questions about this wavier.


Loaner helmet availability will be limited due to Covid.  Drivers are highly encouraged to bring their own helmet to ensure that they are able to participate.  If you bring your own, it must meet SCCA guidelines. Learn more about helmet requirements here.

Entries (34)

Mark Mrozek
Jonathan Mudge
Brian Dickens
Timothy Maxey
Sam Strano
Cory Barr
James Thomas
Mike King

Bristol Motor Speedway

Bristol, TN
Download track map
Download track map


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - East Tennessee Region

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