Sat, May 15 - Sun, May 16, 2021

2021 Walt Schuster Shootout

High Plains Raceway

About this event


Due to the current COVID-19 environment, our 2021 events will be conducted with the same COVID protocols used at our 2020 Events. This, by the way, worked very well and did NOT diminish the quality of the racing experience.  Sadly, socializing aspects were compromised. But we’re all getting used to that, are we not?  It means no planned gatherings (e.g. no Sat. catered dinner). Please limit your additional crew members, no spectators, honor distancing measures and enhanced cleaning protocols. And a strong request that masks be worn when  roaming the pits to socialize at a distance.  Racers are of course welcome to bring their own food and dine at the track.  We are expected to adhere to all city, county, state and health department guidelines with respect to social distancing and maximum group sizes, all of which may evolve over the year.  Thank you for your understanding in these difficult circumstances.

It’s time to Spring forward into racing season again! RMVR is back at our home track for the annual opener at High Plains Raceway. 

WlatSchusterThis year we're naming it "The Walt Schuster Shootout"  as a tribute to Walt. He was an SCCA guy who worked as a corner worker at first, and wore a white denim jacket with tons of patches to show his commitment to the sport of racing.  He then became head of race control with SCCA and later became race control with RMVR when the group started in the ’80’s.  He was instrumental in recruiting folks to volunteer, and was also head of control and flags during 1994.  Walt’s long-time involvement with Vintage Racing stood the test of time, which is why this race is dedicating this weekend to Walt Schuster.

We’ve all said it: “I’ll work on my car…next weekend,” and then buried it under the car cover for six months. Well, that weekend is now approaching.  It's time to throw off the cover, get the car ready and and hit the track! 

Always a great opener for our season, this weekend is also a perfect chance to shake down and test your car and make sure it and you are ready to compete this season. Your fellow friends and racing family want you to join the in fun at High Plains Raceway.

And don't forget to get your Annual Tech done BEFORE you get to the track.  Here's more info on the benefits to you of doing this and how/where to get it done.

Preliminary Run Group Order This Weekend:  (Subject to change -  Please check actual Weekend Schedule for final Run Groups and run order. ) 

Regular RMVR Run Groups:

  • Small Bore Production Cars
  • VW Powered Formula Cars
  • Mid and Big Bore Production Cars
  • Formula Fords / Wings and Things / Sports Racers

Contingent Invitational Run Groups:

  • Invitational Gateway Cars - If insufficient sign-ups for a stand-alone Run Group, cars will be melded into regular RMVR Run Groups. 
  • Invitational Graduates of RMVR’s 2019-2021 Precision and HPDE Schools -  This will be SUNDAY ONLY.  Four sessions with limited passing.  If insufficient sign-ups, it will be cancelled.  

Entry Fees: (To be charged to your credit card after the race weekend.)

  • $360 for Full Two-Day competition weekend for  RMVR and Guest racecars including Gateway cars.
  • $120 for the Invited graduates of RMVR’s 2019-2021 RMVR’s Drivers’ School.  Track sessions are Sunday ONLY.

All entires signing up before April 23rd get the $25 Early Bird discount.
All registrations after May 6th will be charged a $75 Late Fee.

Online  Registration closes May 12th at midnight.  After this call 303-319-3062 to arrange entry.  Phoned-in or at-event late registrations are $460.

Attention Workers and Volunteers: If you wish to work this event, please Click Here to sign up online.

Race Chairs:  Kelly Nichols   303-904-4653. Event Co-Chair  Jon Whitely

Event requirements

Important Stuff To Read Before Proceeding

Before entering a car which DOES NOT have an RMVR logbook, review which situation below applies to your entry:

  • Cars without an RMVR or VMC logbook:  These cars can be entered but must be of special interest to vintage racing and largely conform to RMVR years of eligibility. You can review here our detailed criteria for such cars before entering.  When asked for the car's "class" please select “Exhibition." .
  • OR as a special"Gateway Run Group" car: This is for race prepared cars of any class which must have a logbook from a recognized wheel-to-wheel racing organization When asked for the car's "Class"  please select “Gateway."  Please review the following criteria to enter this special "Gateway Run Group."

All "Gateway" entires 1) must be closed wheel and have a current logbook from a well-established and recognized road racing organization, 2) must be nicely prepared – NO LEMONS, and 3) must pass an RMVR Event Tech Inspection and meet all RMVR safety requirements..  Regarding Fuel Cells: as long as the vehicle has passed preparation rules regarding a fuel cell (or not requiring one) by the organization issuing the logbook, the vehicle will be allowed to run in this Gateway Run Group..  Drivers entering the Gateway Run Group must also hold a valid up-to-date medical exam AND a current Competition License OR a Provisional License from their home organization..

  • OR you are a Provisional Student with a temporarily waived car:  Recent RMVR competition school graduates may enter the same car they used during driver's school even if it has yet to obtain an RMVR logbook . It will run in our regular RMVR Run Groups. This exception is granted to aid the Student in obtaining their full Competition license. When asked for the car's "Class" please select “Provisional Student's Car.
  • OR you are entering the invitational track day for the  Graduates of RMVR’s 2019-2021 Precision and HPDE Schools (Sunday Only).  You can run your street car.

RMVR requires a fuel cell for all cars racing in our regular RMVR Wheel-To-Wheel run groups If it doesn't have one, you won't be allowed to complete this entry. There are exceptions. If the car meets any of these exceptions

  • If your car has an RMVR Historic Class designation.
  • OR if your car is part of an invited "Spec" run group and your Spec Rules don't require a fuel cell.
  • OR if you are entering the "Gateway Run Group" and your host organization (i.e. who issued the car's logbook) does NOT require a fuel cell.
  • OR if you are a recent Competition School Student with a Provisional License running a car newer than 1981 which doesn't have an RMVR logbook.
  • OR if you signing up for the invitational track day for the  Graduates of RMVR’s 2019-2021 Precision and HPDE Schools, simply select that option when registering for the special $120 entry fee.  You may have to pay a $75 Membership Fee, but it will be taken off your bill before the credit card is actually processed after the race weekend.

For Double-Driven cars If you are sharing a car with another driver for the weekend, just have the one person enter.  Only that one entry fee will apply.  To avoid another entry fee, simply CALL THE CLUB ADMINISTRATOR, 303-319-3062, to advise who the second driver is.  Don't try to enter that second driver online.  The second driver MUST also go thru registration Saturday morning and have a valid competition license and medical. Thanks. 

When entering you might be required to pay a Membership Fee to complete your registration.  It will be good for the entire year.  After Labor day that RMVR membership will also be good for all of the following year.

Cancellation Policy:  Call 303-319-3062 for all cancellations.  No charge for cancellations 10 days before the event. (None of your registration fees will be charged).  For cancellations after that, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged. No refund for "No shows" (and we thank you for your donation).

Entries (147)

Gerry Tussing
Bess Lessner
Bill McMahan
Ted Thurber
Nick Sorensen
Jared Hindman
Alex Goch

High Plains Raceway

Deer Trail, CO
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