Sat, Jul 17 - Sun, Jul 18, 2021

2021 Solo MiDiv 6 & 7 Neokla 6

Davis Field Muskogee Airport **

About this event

Join Neokla for the 7th and 8th Solo MiDiv series event's and Neokla's 6th event of our 2021 Autocross Season!  We are out at Davis Field in Muskogee for this event.

Entry fee is $35 for one day or $70 for both days for SCCA Members or $50 for one day or $85 for both days for non-SCCA members which includes Weekend Membership. 

Every driver will get 5 runs, but may be subject to change depending on turnout and or conditions!  

Friday July 16th

The site will be open for tech, registration, and course walk from 5pm to 7pm

Saturday and Sunday July 17th-18th

The site will open at 7am. Registration and Tech will take place from 7:30am to 8:30am.  After registration and tech close, we will have a Novice walk of the course, followed by a drivers meeting, and first car off around 9:15am.  Site will close Saturday night at 7pm.

Please bring plenty of water and sunscreen. 

--Overnight Accomodations-- Unfortunately we are not able to camp onsite at Davis Field.  Listed below are the local recommendations for both an RV/Camp site and Hotel.  There are other locations available if you wish to look into them.  We are allowed to have cars, haulers and tow rigs left overnight.  Please make sure everything is secure and clear of the designated taxi way.  Pop-up tents, chairs and anything that could blow toward the active runway needs to be properly stowed away before you leave the site.

RV Campsite

Hatbox Field RV Park    - located about 9 miles from Davis

640 S. 40th St

Muskogee OK 74401


RV Spot $25 per night includes power and water, Tent spot $10 per night

Choice Hotels (SCCA discount)    -located 10 miles from Davis

Comfort Inn Muskogee

3133 Azalea Park Dr

Muskogee Ok 74401


We plan to provide some basic snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic) both Friday and Saturday evenings.  There are plenty of great local restraunts and eateries in Muskogee, please check them out.

NOTE:  We cannot allow any driver to participate without a valid Driver's License and SCCA Membership.  Please make sure to bring your Driver's License and SCCA Member Card or fill out a Weekend Membership at the event.



Things to consider before pre-registering for our Solo events!!!

Neokla Event Guidelines and Procedures as the Covid-19 recommendations continue to ease.


The following was put together with our members and event participant’s health and safety as a primary concern. All state and local recommendations and restrictions are at the heart of these guidelines. As always, it is highly important to evaluate your situation and comfortableness to follow these procedures if you plan to make a Neokla autocross event. If you are not feeling well, showing any symptoms of Covid-19, or have come in contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19, please out of respect for everyone’s safety, do not come to the event.

Things to know/consider before registering for an event:

-We will most likely be running a 3 heat format due to the amount of registrants.  Sanitizing of radios, computer and work surfaces will be done during heat change over.

-Please make every attempt to have/bring a properly certified helmet. While we do have loaner helmets, they will only be able to be used by one person per heat and sanitized when finished. They should be considered as emergency only and should not be expected to be available. Sharing helmets with another driver should not be allowed during the same heat unless proper cleaning can be done.

-We will allow co-drivers to participate. If drivers are from different households, you may consider a cleaning/sanitizing routine if one or both of you feel it is necessary.

-If you have any question's please feel free to ask.

Thank you very much for helping keep Neokla safe.

Event requirements

Registration will need to check your Drivers License and SCCA Membership.  (Yellow copy of SCCA Weekend Membership or SCCA membership card)

SCCA approved Helmets are required. A list of the approved ratings can be found on the SCCA website with other rules and regulations downloads.  Loaner helmets are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Each car must pass a tech inspection before competing.  All loose items must be removed from the vehicle BEFORE tech inspection.  After registering at the timing trailer, get your car ready and to the tech inspection area.

You will recieve your work assignments after you register at the trailor.  You will not be allowed to compete again if you fail to complete your work assignment.

Drivers are required to attend the driver’s meeting where we will discuss course working and safety issues.

Everyone entering the site will need to sign the event waiver.

All drivers are required to fill out a Weekend Membership if they are not an SCCA member. (As this is a MiDiv event ride along's are not permitted)

Children under 12 and pets MUST not leave the designated paddock or spectating areas.

All Minors (under 18) MUST have a minor waiver signed by BOTH parents to compete.

Being that this is a MiDiv event, we will be scoring all Class and PAX runs together due to the limited number of runs compared to the regular 8.  The PAX class breakdown is listed below.

PAX (P) - Open to any car or any class that wants to compete with the big dogs.  No exclusions.  Also know as Pro class.

Womenz (W) - You guessed it... This one is just for Ladies! Think you are queen of autocross? Prove it!

Masters (M) - This class is for our well seasoned veterans. If you are 55 or above, come play with the old guys! Any car or class can compete here.

Novice (N) - New to autocross? This is a good place to start! Any car or class can start here, No exclusions. Once you win Novice, you graduate to one of our other PAX classes! After running your first season in Novice, the choice is yours to move to the next class, or stay in Novice and win your way out!

Entries (120)

Cornelius Mulholland
Dalton Baker
David Green
Radlee Bien
Gerry Terranova
Connor Forbes
Ryan Groves
Brad McCann

Davis Field Muskogee Airport **

Muskogee, Ok


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Northeast Oklahoma

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