Sat, Jul 17, 2021

M4theM Volunteer Staff Training #2 Summit Point

Summit Point Washington

About this event

We are looking to train event volunteers for future Summit Point and Richmond Raceway events.

Workers are needed for the following.

Corner Worker
Race and event control.
Timing and Scoring

This initial training costs $55 and you also receive full staff privileges to the following day's SCDE.  After you are trained, any event you are signed up to work you attend free.  Track time is provided in the form of staff drive sessions, one during lunch, one after the afternoon sessions end. Staff are scheduled for the same amount of drive time as paid participants and have access often before and after events depending on the venue.  Instructors can run whenever they want but priority 1 is training drivers.

If you are experienced and want to be considered for an instructor role, please call Rob BOlling @ 336-549-6889 to discuss your qualifications in advance.

Working Staff also receives free entry to any M4theM Track Day events.

Even if we have all the workers we need for an event, you can still get a significant discount to simply participate in events without having to work.

It is a great deal and M4theM is a great family.

Training will be held Sat evening at the Paddock of Summit Point Jefferson from 6:30 PM to approximately 9PM.  Trainees will have hands-on final training during the following day's SCDE event on the Washington Circuit.  

Specific details about timing and final meetup place will be sent directly to you via email and can be found on our facebook page.

Event requirements

To become a staff member you must take our training course, after training, you must show adequate proficiency in any of the roles you wish to fill, and agree to work a minimum of 2-3 events a year.

Please fill out the following tech form before attending training.  You may fill out the sheet yourself as a self-tech if you feel qualified to do so.

2021 Tech Sheet

Attendees (8)

Zihan Chen
Mark Hardy
Natalie Majerik
Liam Eversull
Justin Roach

Summit Point Washington

Summit Point, WV
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