Sat, Nov 6, 2021

2021 BMW CCA HoD PG Day at Barber

Barber Motorsports Park

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2021 Proving Grounds Auto-X Track / Wet Skid Pad Day at Barber Motorsports Park!!!

Saturday, Nov 6th

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Come join the BMW CCA Heart of Dixie Chapter for a Fun Day at the Barber Motorsports Park Proving Grounds Track!

Do we have great day planned at the Barber Proving Grounds?   The answer is YES!  We will have a combination of auto-cross and wet skid pad sessions to challenge your driving skills and experience car control like you have never seen.

Registration fee will depend on how many driving enthusiasts want to join us for an exhilarating day! So tell your track friends, tell the neighbor down the street and register your better half for a day together on the Auto-X Track! A little friendly competition is fun for everyone!

The more people who sign up, the lower the cost per person, so grab your friends. We need a minimum of 50 people. Here is the breakdown for the registration fee. Payment will be deferred until 10/17/2021

50 register - fee will be $140.00

55 register - fee will be $125.00

60 register - fee will be $115.00

65 register - fee will be $105.00

70 register - fee will be $100.00

75 register - fee will be $95.00

Barber’s Proving Ground is not your normal parking lot auto-cross. This course has everything from high speed banking to nice sweeping switch backs.  There will be two courses run during the day, so when you think you have the course figured out, think again, because it will be a whole new challenge!     

Ever driven on ice?  That is exactly what the skid pad feels like.  It will be a blast!

Your track day will consist of both skid pad and auto-cross sessions.

Register early!!  We will be on track from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM with a 1 hour break for lunch.

Cancelations up to 10/16/2021 will receive a refund less a $35 processing fee.  NO CANCELATIONS / REFUNDS AFTER 10/17/2021



Event requirements

In order to attend our event, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 16 years or older and have a valid driver's license
  • Have a Snell 2010 (Last year for the 2010 helemts) or newer certified helmet (M ratings OK) - NO LOANER HELMETS WILL BE AVAILABLE THIS YEAR
  • Convertibles Allowed
  • Cancelations up to 10/16/2021 will receive a refund less a $35 processing fee.  NO CANCELATIONS / REFUNDS AFTER 10/17/2021


We have moved to an electronic waver system. No paper waivers will be available at the event. All participants and guests must complete waivers. Click on the link below to complete the waiver. After submitting your name and mobile number, you will receive a text message with a link to the waiver to sign. Once you have properly completed the forms and submitted, you will receive a second text message indicating you have successfully completed the waivers. If you do not receive the second text message, please go back through the process and complete the forms.




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Alex Wilcox
Daniel Leatherwood
Dan Leatherwood
Adrian BUGNA
Robert Hammann
Ibrahim Hanna
Derrick Nelson

Barber Motorsports Park

Birmingham, AL
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