Fri, Jun 4 - Sat, Jun 5, 2021

2021 Big Blue Mile Shootout

Big Blue Mile Shootout

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1/2 mile runs only, one car runs at a time, and you will dial-in your speed, not your time. This additional twist event has a limited entry of 40 cars.

Friday afternoon the road closes at 2:00p.m. for cleaning then we will start the event around 3:00p.m. We will have Tech for this Thursday evening if you like. Otherwise, it will be Friday morning.

You will have three dial-in runs, and then declare your speed for the start of the competition. You can change your speed declaration PRIOR to each run if you like. We will run the first two rounds of the competition after the three warm up runs.

Cars are just paired by how they are lined up. The winner is decided by the closest match to the dial-in speeds of the pair. (Top speed does not apply for this event, just closest matching.)

-- Everyone will run 4 runs on Friday and the winners will run a 5th. We will then continue this on Saturday after the Shootout.


Saturday morning will start out business as usual with the first three runs being the normal BBMS with both 1/2 mile and 1 mile shootout runs. Road closes at 9:00a.m. for cleaning and competition starts around 10:00a.m. 

Starting with the fourth run, the twist event will continue.

-- If you are registered in the twist event, you can still register for the 1 Mile Shootout (Both vehicle and driver must meet 1 Mile rulebook requirements) for the first three runs on Saturday, but then back to the 1/2 mile to complete the competition starting with run #4.

There are 4 passes planned for the Saturday Shootout runs. ** If you are in the twist event and are in the top two, you will get 10 runs in two days.** A hat draw will determine bye runs!

Based on all 40 spots full, the twist event has a purse of $2,000 that will pay out 50% = $1,000 to 1st, 20% = $400 to 2nd, 15% = $300 to 3rd, 10% = $200 to 4th and 5% = $100 to 5th.


The amount of the purse will be determined by how many entries there are registered in the twist event. You must pre-register for this event, as there are NO same day entries if we are full.

There are no trophies for the twist event. Simply the purse divided to the top 5 places and bragging rights of course

Event requirements


  1. The event is filled on a first come first to fill entries received.
  2. Please review the rules and requirements for you and your vehicle at

Big Blue Mile Shootout

Cordova, NE


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Big Blue Mile Shootout

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