Sat, Oct 24, 2020

2020 Tombstone Trail

Hastings American. Legion

About this event

The Tombstone Trail is one of the longest running, best attended car club events in Minnesota. All you need is 2 people, a car, a pencil, a flashlight and a sense of adventure. We'll take you on a scavenger hunt around rural Minnesota that you will not soon forget. Be prepared to visit some strange places!

Because of COVID-19, there will be no formal start or finish locations, and a wider range of time to complete the event. Instead of a strict time limit at the end point, there will be a time by which attempted answers may be submitted.

Additionally, this year we will be pioneering two categories in addition to class: "Day Walkers" and "Night Crawlers"

"Day Walkers" will receive their materials early in the day, and will have the majority of daylight hours to visit the cemeteries at their leisure. This opened up a wide array of cemeteries for use that are closed after dusk.

"Night Crawlers" is closer to the traditional feel of Tombstone Trail. Materials will be released shortly before dusk and answers must be submitted online prior to a late night deadline. 

More information on rules and regulations will be available in the Generals prior to the event. It is strongly recommended that competitors have a smart phone and car charger, as paper maps will not be distributed in person at a set starting point. I have found the best method is to use a tablet (with a personal hot spot to download the materials, or using the Wi-Fi of a fast food restaurant parking lot in Hastings). 

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Entries (27)

Jessica Porter
Samuel Marten
Amy Grimm
Christopher Spargo
Cody Benike
Tami Benike
Kristi Parker
Erica Strand

Hastings American. Legion

Hastings, MN


Fun Run/Tour organized by

Twin City Rally Club LLC

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