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2017 SOLO SHOOTOUT & PAR Events 11 & 12

2017 SOLO SHOOTOUT &  PAR Events 11 & 12

SCCA - Pan American Region

Saturday, Oct 14 — Sunday, Oct 15, 2017
Cohen Stadium, El Paso, TX

Registration closed October 13, 2017 4:59 PM on October 13, 2017 4:59 PM MDT Registration ends October 13, 2017 4:59 PM on October 13, 2017 4:59 PM MDT Registration opens September 22, 2017 6:00 AM on September 22, 2017 6:00 AM MDT Registration runs from September 22, 2017 6:00 AM to October 13, 2017 4:59 PM



2017 PAR Championship Series Events 11 & 12 - Pan American SCCA Region

Saturday, October 14th - PAR Championship Series Event 11

Sunday September 15th - PAR Championship Series Event 12

One event fee pays for both days.  If you are coming for just 1 day, please register for THAT DAY ONLY - so we know who to expect.

Entry fees are $40 for SCCA Members who have registered online by Friday, October 13th at 6 pm.  Entries the day(s) of the event are $45 for members.

Non-Member entries are $50  for those registered in advance online by Friday, October 13th  at 6 pm.  Entries the day(s) of the event are $55.

Pre-registration pays!  $5 extra fee for walk-up registrations!

Your vehicle must be currently licensed and legally registered unless you are driving a purpose-built race vehicle that is towed or trailered ot the event.

Seat belts are required, good tires (no bald tires unless they are specific-built DOT-R race tires or full racing slicks).  We recommend all tires should be aired up approximately 5-10 lbs ABOVE the factory recommended tire pressures.

All lug studs and lug nuts must be in place and tight.  Wheel bearings must be in good shape.  Brakes must be good and the brake pedal firm.  Throttle return and springs will be checked. No loose steering or slack in the steering unit. Technical inspection will check all these points.

Your battery must be installed properly and fastened down.  The positive terminal must be covered.

If you plan to run SCCA Solo Street Tire classes, you may NOT modify your vehicle beyond the factory-delivered specs (tires, wheels, intake systems, no "reflashed" ECUs, vehicle ride height, etc).  Factory delivered OEM tires that do not have a treadwear UTOG rating of 200 are not allowed in these classes.

No engine oil, transmission fluid or differential leaks.  No fuel or coolant leaks.

Loaner helmets will be available at the site.  If you bring your own, it must be SNELL 2005 or better.  


Saturday and Sunday Event Schedule 

Saturday - 11th Championship Event - Solo Shootout Challenge (SSC) Pan American Region SCCA

Sunday - 12th Championship Event - Solo Shootout Challenge (SSC) Pan American Region SCCA

A competitor may run just 1-day (either Sat or Sun), but will not be eligible to run in the SSC portion of the event on Sunday or to have a shot at the special SSC awards.  This 2-day event will count as two separate PAR Solo Championship events towards year-end class points.

A competitor must compete on both days (Sat & Sun) to be eligible for SSC challenge. A competitor (as long as he or she meets the eligibility requirements (by competing on both days) to possibly run in the Solo Shootout Challenge on Sunday) does not need to an SCCA member.

Each driver will be allowed up to six (6) runs on each day of competition (Sat & Sun). The Top 10 quickest aggregate times (Quickest 1-run raw time taken from both Sat & Sun, then added together) then PAXed will then advance to the Solo Shootout Challenge to be held on Sunday afternoon after both run groups have finished their runs.

These top ten qualifiers will have all their previous times thrown-out. All  qualifiers will then be paired up with another competitor - to form a 2-person team. These "paired-up teams" will then rely on each other to make just one (1) more run to determine their team placement in the SSC challenge portion of this special 2-day event.

To create the teams, the number 10 qualifier will be paired off with the Number 1 qualifier. The 9th qualifier will be matched with the Number 2 qualifier - and so forth & so on.

Each team will make one last run to establish their placement as a team. These last challenge run raw times will then be  PAXed individually and added together as a team aggregate time. These final PAXed team time runs will determine their team placement within the SSC challenge portion of the event.

Advance, early online entry deadline will be on Thursday, October 12th at 11:59pm

(We will need at least "24 online entries" to hold this event. Please register online ASAP if you intend to compete.)

Event Schedule   

7 am - 9:30   Event set up and course open for walking. 

8:30 am - 9:30   Tech Inspection & Registration

89:45 - 10:15   Mandatory Drivers Meeting

10:20 - 10:40   Course workers go out

10:45   First Car on Course

10:45 - 2:30 pm  Timed Driver Runs** (to be followed by Trophy & Awards Presentation on Saturday)

30 minute lunch break after completion of the first run group - SUNDAY ONLY  (time dependent on completion time of the first run group)                                                                     

2:30 (Sunday only)  Solo  Shootout Challenge

3:30 - 3:45 pm   Course teardown, equipment all loaded into Club trailer

3:50   Trophy & Awards Presentation

SATURDAY ONLY A  late lunch at CiCi's Pizza - 4654 Woodrow Bean Transmountain after the Saturday event!  

** Each registered driver will be given a minimum of "6 timed runs".  Possibly as many as 8 as time allows.  We will announce the exact number of runs at the Drivers Meeting.

Run times are approximate.  All entrants must work the heat they are not running, so plan to be there all day.

Entry Fees

Entry fees are good for both days and are the same whether you run 1 day or 2.

SCCA Members - Pre-registered - $40.  Walk-up registration $45

Non-SCCA Members - Pre-registered - $50.  Walk-up registration $655

Credit Card Fees have been eliminated!!!!

Each run will be made on a technically designed, but challenging, course defined by orange traffic pylons. Top Speeds are usually kept at 60-70 mph by the fastest or most powerful vehicles and the course can be anywhere between 60 to 80 seconds in duration. The length of each run is usually 8-tenths to 9-tenths of mile.

A 2-second time penalty will be added to a given competitor's individual timed-run for each and every pylon that is hit or taken down during a run.

Everyone will be expected to work & perform their worker duty or task when directed by the Chief of Workers. We are a total volunteer group of workers and racers. No one is allowed to get out of their worker duties unless advance prior arrangements have been made with the Event Chairman via email. Exemptions for worker duty are a family emergency, having to go to work. Otherwise, all other excuses for not performing your worker duty when requested will not be recognized or acknowledged.

Only one rider per vehicle will be allowed to ride as a passenger in a given run provided that they are at least 12-years of age ( and have a signed parental or guardian form filled-out ) and have signed the event waver form.

Loaner helmets will be available at the event or you may use your own helmet provided that it confirms to the 2017 SCCA Solo Rules requirements. No DOT helmets.

Every competitor must have a current and valid drivers license or current and valid drivers permit ( with a signed parental or guardian form filled-out at the time of registration ) and must be prepared to present it at the registration table.

All vehicles must conform to the 2017 SCCA Solo Rules safety inspection. It will consist of making sure that all batteries are properly fastened in place, wheel bearings at all four positions are in good shape, seat belts are in good shape and properly fastened, brake pedal test involving no mushy brake feel or leaks, all lug nuts at each position are in place and properly torqued,  all tires may not have any cords or belts showing & are not cracked or split anywhere on the carcass, etc. All coolant, brakes, engine or transmission leaks will be allowed if found to be excessive. All cars must have mufflers and be reasonably quiet during operation.

*We will need everyone's help & cooperation in picking up the course and loading the pylons and all the equipment back into the trailer.

After the course and equipment have been picked up and loaded onto the trailer, we will have a trophy and awards presentation.

We will have three different class categories for this year and trophies will be awarded for each of these three individual categories.

They are as follows:

Rookies Class
You are eligible for this class if you are new or a first time competitor to solo racing and/or if you have not competed for 1-full year of solo competition (4 events or less the previous year).

Intermediate Class
Anyone is eligible to run in this class provided that they are no longer eligible to compete in the rookies class any longer and if they have demonstrated that they are not exactly ready ( due to car preparation, car classification and/or driving experience or skill )   to compete in the Open class. No limit of years of competition here. If someone competing in this class clearly shows or demonstrates a strong or absolute dominance in this class, the Pan American Region board reserves the right to move a competitor into the Open Class at their discretion.

Open Class
This a category that is reserved for drivers that have demonstrated very strong driver skills & experience ( not to be judged in years ), excellent car preparation and/or possess a vehicle that has a distinct and clear advantage over the competition due to its power, weight, tire & wheel size, car classification and/or PAX Index.

We hope that each and everyone of you will come out to experience and enjoy the exciting world of solo racing & competition.

You can pay online with a Credit/Debit card or Check via Motorsportreg.com or you can elect to pay with cash, check or credit card at the event itself.  

Disclaimer: The above event is subject to cancelation due to other event scheduling conflicts that may occur from time to time during the year at the Cohen Stadium facility.


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SCCA - Pan American Region

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Cohen Stadium
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