Sun, Feb 21 - Sat, Oct 22, 2016

2016 SCR Autocross Championship Season Pass

South Carolina, USA

About this event

This is the Season Pass for the 2016 South Carolina Autocross Championship Series. The Season Pass gets you automatic registration to all 9 points events and reserves your number for the year. The fee is $250.00, which is $40.00 off the cost of purchasing each event individually.

The disclaimers:

First, all Michelin events are restricted to those 18 years of age and older. It's a Michelin rule, not an SCR rule, and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you are under the age of 18 please take that into consideration before purchasing a season pass.

Second, although we will do our best to stick to the schedule, it is subject to change; and although you will intend to drive in every event, your lives are subject to change. We will not be refunding any portion of the season pass. SCR thanks your for your donation and promises to put it to good use.

Third, contracts for the two Myrtle Beach venues are still pending. If for some reason the contracts aren't completed in time we'll move the events to Florence or Darlington and we will make our best effort to keep the announced dates for these two events.

Registration for the Season Pass will close the night before the second event is held. If you sign up after the first event you will be registered for the remaining 8 events. In this case you receive no discount but do receive the convenience of not registering for each event individually.


Event requirements

Membership Validation

  • When you register, MotorsportReg will be verifying your SCCA membership status against the National Office's member database. 
  • Your First Name, Last Name, and Member Number in MotorsportReg must match what is on your SCCA Membership Card:
    • You can check your MotorsportReg info by clicking the "My Account" tab, then "Edit Clubs" and editing the information under "SCCA - South Carolina Region - Solo"
    • You can check your SCCA membership info (and edit how your name looks on your card) by logging on to
  • If you are having trouble registering due to this feature, or if you recently joined SCCA and your membership is still pending, please contact
  • Thanks for your patience as we implement this new process! This will make our on-site registrars even faster and more efficient, so we appreciate you working with us!


  • Events are held under the current SCCA Solo RulesPlease refer to Appendix A of the Solo Rules to confirm you have the correct class for your car.
  • Please review the SCR Supplemental Rules for IMPORTANT details on event procedures.
  • All participants must sign an SCCA Release and Waiver form. Minors (under age 18) must have a Minor Release and Waiver form signed by both parents in order to attend the event. Look for the form labeled Minor Release and Waiver 2A.

Sound Control and Event Conduct

  • Some events have decibel restrictions. Please check the individual events for those limits if they exist.
  • Please note that even though our rules already prohibit any kind of reckless behavior, we need to be especially careful about burnouts, excessive acceleration or noise when leaving the site, and other things that will draw unwanted attention to ourselves. Thanks for understanding!

Number Format

  • For single driver, single class cars only one- or two-digit numbers will be allowed (0 - 99). If desired, drivers of the same car but in different classes (i.e., open and ladies) may use the same car number.
  • Where there are two drivers in one car, in one class, then the second driver will be 100 plus the first driver's number (i.e., 99 and 199).

South Carolina, USA

Columbia, SC


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - South Carolina Region - Solo

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