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2015 THSCC Annual Tech Day 3

Performance Chassis (Tech Day)

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Tarheel Sports Car Club
2015 THSCC Annual Inspection Tech Day 3 (Raleigh Area)
  - March 14, 2015.

All cars that wish to participate in any THSCC HPDE event must have their car inspected using our tech inspection form by an independent garage (i.e. this is NOT a self-tech).  Periodically, we offer this service for only the cost of the inspection stickers ($5.00 for vehicle and helmet stickers, due in cash or check, paid on site.)

We try to host these tech days at one or more of our track event sponsors so our members can see who's supporting the program.  However, participants have the option to choose their local shop.  Space is always limited at these tech days, so be sure to register early. 


Performance Chassis & Automotive Service

214 Hillsboro Street, #103

Cary, NC 27513



Event requirements

You must pre-register for your time slot.  The inspection fee ($5) will be collected at the time of a passing inspection (you will not be charged if your car does not pass inspection for whatever reason.)

We have set up time slots for the tech sessions. If you need multiple appointments (different cars) please sign up for one, then email us.  We recommend that you come no earlier than 30 minutes before your scheduled time slot.  This will help us reduce traffic and long lines coming in and out of the facility.  When you arrive, we will check you in and begin the tech process so we can keep things moving along smoothly.

Please download the technical inspection form and have it ready for us when we pre-inspect your car.  For a more detailed explanation of the tech form, you can also download the Tech Guide in PDF format.

With the exception of race tires (if you're driving to the tech day) please have all your track-day equipment installed and ready for inspection when you arrive (i.e. seats, harnesses, roll bars, etc.)

We will not have the time nor ability to fix most issues on site, however, those that can be dealt with on site will be (within reason of course.)  If we find items that need fixing before we can issue a sticker, we will note those items on the inspection form and we will re-inspect the items at event sign-in or at a later inspection date, where we will then issue the tech sticker (and charge you the $5 fee.)

Please remember to bring your helmet to the tech inspection if it doesn't already have one of our ORANGE tech stickers on it.  This season we will be accepting SA2005 and SA2010 helmets. 

Remember: ALL convertibles must have an SCCA Time Trials approved 4-point roll bar.  If you plan on running a convertible with the top down, you must also use arm restraints.  All roll bars will be measured for diameter and wall thickness (Roll bars must have a 3/16 inch inspection hole in an accessible straight section of tubing.)  If your convertible does not have a roll bar installed, don't bother bringing it to our tech day (The only exceptions to date are pre-2005 Porsche Boxters with the Brey-Krause roll hoop extension and the 2005+ '987' Boxters with factory hoops).  T-tops/Targa roofs/sun roofs will be inspected for proper fitment.  We reserve the right to require they be removed for track use.  In any open-top car, the driver's head must pass the "broomstick" test.  This means a helmeted driver must be able to pass under a line connecting the top of the windshield and the top of the roll bar or roof.

Performance Chassis (Tech Day)

Cary, NC
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