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Top GT
Wed, Jan 27, 2021

1/27 90dB WeatherTech Laguna Seca - TOP-GT

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

About this event

Hello from TOP-GT! TOP-GT mostly host track day events at Laguna Seca, Sonoma, and Thunderhill. We will also visit South California a few times a year! TOP-GT is aiming at creating a friendly and relaxed environment for people to pursue speed and learn techniques. We want everyone in our event:

  • Drive Safe!
  • Have Fun!
  • Make Friends!

TOP-GT is not a race event, but many of our drivers and staff hold racing licenses and are willing to share their knowledge and help everyone to improve their lap time or learn how to drive safely. To better serve people's needs, TOP-GT's event usually allows a limited number of drivers per day and provides much more seat time comparing to other events. A typical event will provide 2.5 hrs seat time and Skid Pad (unlimited use) if it is available at the track.

We will follow COVID-19 protocols and regulations from the local county and require everyone:

  • No Passengers at any time, including in-car coaching. Due to the current crisis, Weathertech raceway has prohibited all passengers on track.
  • Only 1 guest is allowed to come with you. No pets allowed. No exceptions.
  • All participants must wear a face mask (non-venting) in all public areas, such as driver registration, meetings, garages, food lines, and track viewing areas. Masks are not required while in vehicles.
  • Social distancing is mandatory in all areas - 6 feet or more between people
  • Participants who are sick or coughing should not attend and will be required to leave.
  • Non-contact thermometers will be used to check body temperature and participants will be required to leave if fever is detected.
  • We will minimize contact during the check-in process as much as possible.
  • Helmet rental is not available at this time.
  • WRLS requests that no photos of the paddock area be posted on social media.
  • Garage: One car per bay only.

Weather Raceway Laguna Seca - (90 dB) Full Track 

1/27 (Wed)

  • 90 dB Only event. 3 run groups
  • Seven 20 mins Session
  • All cars welcome with different levels of experience groups.
  • $350  / Day
  • Helmet Rental is not available at this track
  • No Passenger / ride along is allowed at this event

Event requirements

All levels of experience are welcome. We also follow common track day rules as many other groups:

  • Open group: Open passing allowed anywhere on the track. Point-by is welcome. 10+ track day experience required.
  • Point-by group: Open passing on straight line and point-by only in corners. 3+ track day experience required.
  • Novice group: designed for the novice who has less than 3 track day experience. We will provide lead-follow sessions and instructions during download meetings



  • Minimum age of 18, both driver and passenger
  • Sound Limit: 90 db 
  • Helmets - Current requirement is M2010+ / SA2010+
  • Sharing the same run group with multiple drivers is not allowed
  • Tow Hook or some tow points is required. 
  • All convertibles must be equipped with rollover protection. Factory equipped rollover protection is allowed. All Miatas must have approved roll bars to be on the race track. Please contact us to make sure your convertible is allowed. Both Driver and passenger heads with helmets must be below the top of front windshield and roll bar.

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Salinas, CA
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Download track map
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Open Track organized by

Top GT

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